Microsoft Shrinks Windows 8 Install Time

Summary: The vendor has cut down the install time of Windows 8 with the help of some deployment tools.

Ms has created Ms Windows 8 adopting easier by reducing down the set up duration of the new os, according to Ms Microsof company Windows implementation marketing administrator Eileen Niehaus.

He was discussing at the Technical.Ed 2012 Implementing Ms Windows 8 period in the Silver Shore, Qld.

Windows 8 will be released in Oct and boasts a new visible look from past Ms Windows produces. The OS is created to function easily across pc and product gadgets and is designed to work on the same type of components suitable with Ms Windows seven. This means customers will not have to purchase new equipment, according to Niehaus.

Microsoft has created the implementation of Ms Windows 8 much quicker than its forerunners. The set up duration of Ms Windows seven on a exclusive device running on a standard work station is 15 moments. Ms Windows 8 reduces that down to 10 moments. That's for a brand new OS set up and not for an update.

For evaluation benefit, Ms Windows seven increases to 8GB when used to hard drive and Ms Windows 8 is about 7.76GB.

For those that are looking to update, going from Ms Windows seven to Ms Windows 8 on a device with no information or applications would take 20 moments. Going from Ms Windows Windows vista to Ms Windows seven would be about Half an hour.

But when it comes to improving a device packed with information and applications, that's when the difference becomes significant.

"There have been some essential changes to the update procedure that will improve the update time regardless of how much you toss at it," Niehaus said.

But none of the set up time upgrades can be linked to the OS itself. The implementation tools are the ones that can take all the credit. These include Windows user state migration device (USMT) 4.0 and Ms Windows preinstallation atmosphere (PE).

"As long as you don't have any software or car owner compatitibility issues then the update procedure should be pretty sleek going from Ms Windows seven to Ms Windows 8," Niehaus said.

But despite the upgrades, Niehaus admitted businesses may still be reluctant about implementing Ms Windows 8.

"Maybe it's still something most people do for their home devices and it's not so much something done for business deployments," he said.
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