Hello iOS 6, Goodbye iPad 1: Inject New Life By Jailbreaking It

Summary: iOS 6 doesn't support the first-generation iPad. This means no more software updates and no more security updates. Here's a way for you to squeeze some more life out of your iDevice workhorse. 

It seems that quite a few of you are own the first-generation iPad and are concerned that iOS 6 indicates that it is now "end of life" (EOL), since there will be no more up-dates.

    I'm realizing from the iOS 6 web page on the The apple company web page that the iPad 1 isn't reinforced. I'm supposing that this implies, amongst other factors, no more protection up-dates.

    I know that the iPad was first launched two and a 50 percent decades ago, so it's not new, but it's going powerful and it's a pity to junk it.

    Can you recommend anything to boost the lifestyle of my iPad?

As an proprietor of a first-generation iPad myself -- a system that I use for both article writing and intake on a regular base -- I'm enthusiastic about creating my iPad last a little more time, maybe until the iPad 4 creates an overall look.

What I strategy on doing with my iPad now is jailbreaking it. That is, eliminating the third-party, non-Apple accepted application restriction on it. This will provide me entry to Cydia third-party obtain foundation. Not only will this provide me entry to application and custom remaking that The apple company otherwise prohibits, but Cydia will also provide me entry to protection areas for the iPad for the more serious weaknesses.

It's not an ideal remedy, but it's better than nothing.

Note: While jailbreaking is a relatively secure procedure, and usually when factors go incorrect you just have to restart the iDevice by having down both the House and Energy option until it reboots to fix factors, if the toughest does occur and you destroy your iDevice, neither I nor The apple company can help you. You are truly on your own.

The newest iOS launch is iOS 5.1.1 and I recommend you upgrade to this before undertaking the jailbreak. After doing this, obtain a jailbreak device known as Redsn0w. I recommend you get edition 0.9.14b2 for either Windows or Mac.

Once you have RedSn0w downloadable, the relax is easy:
  • Extract the information from the store and run the RedSn0w exe (right-click on the exe and "Run as administrator" if you are a Windows user);
  • Connect your iPad to the computer;
  • Click "Jailbreak";
  • Wait for RedSn0w to do its stuff;
  • When your iPad reboots, the jailbreak is finish and you'll see an app directing to Cydia.
  • Congratulations, you've jailbroken your iPad!

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