Kinect For Windows To Add Windows 8 Desktop-App Support

Summary: Microsoft's Kinect for Windows sensor and development kit are coming to China and a handful of other new markets this fall.

Microsoft has provided a fall update to its Kinect for Windows roadmap.

Microsoft plans to release an upgrade to the Xbox xbox 360 kinect for Microsoft windows playback and application growth kit (SDK) on Oct 8. A Sept 4 post to the "Kinect for Windows" blog refers to some of the new features scheduled to be part of that update:
  • Extended indicator information access—including color photographic camera settings and extended level data
  • More tools and samples, such as "a new sample that shows a 'best in class' UI based on the Xbox 360 kinect for Microsoft windows Human Interface Guidelines"
  • Support for Microsoft windows 8 pc prograMicrosoft, Microsoft .NET 4.5, and Microsoft Visual Facilities 2012. (Desktop prograMicrosoft are heritage Microsoft windows prograMicrosoft that will run in the Microsoft windows Desktop on Microsoft windows 8, alongside the so-called "Metro-Style/modern prograMicrosoft built using the WinRT API.)
Microsoft also is expanding option Xbox 360 kinect for Microsoft windows beyond the original marketplaces in which it was released more than seven months ago. On Oct 8, Xbox 360 kinect for Microsoft windows will be available in China. "Later this fall" Microsoft will create Xbox 360 kinect for Microsoft windows available in six other markets: Chile, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Hungary, and Belgium.

The Xbox 360 kinect for Microsoft windows indicator looks like the Xbox xbox 360 kinect for Xbox indicator. But it is designed to perform at closer range and to perform with Microsoft windows 7/8 PCs. In addition to making firmware improvements in the new Microsoft windows Xbox xbox 360 kinect indicator, Microsoft shorter the the USB cable and included a “small dongle” to improve coexistence with other USB peripheral devices. The Microsoft windows version also customized the Xbox 360 kinect level photographic camera to see things that are “as close as 50 inches in front of the device.

The Xbox xbox 360 kinect for Microsoft windows application growth kit (SDK) and playback are available under both a professional certificate and a enthusiast certificate, allowing designers to create commercial/business programs that create use of the product.

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