Grading iOS 6 Maps : Pass Or Fail?

Summary: There's no denying the sex-appeal of iOS 6 new photo-realistic and interactive 3D Maps, but would you trade transit information and Street View data for it?

Almost as soon as Apple released iOS 6 users flocked to the new first-party (read:non-Google) Maps app and unleased a torrent of complaints about it. There's no denying the sex-appeal of Maps' new photo-realistic and interactive 3D views, but would you trade transit and street view data for it?

 Generally, the biggest complaints are coming from users outside of the major metropolitan cities that iOS 6 Maps supports. For example, check out this screenshot of Bowling Green State University (as noted by @iOS6Maps) in iOS 5:
The other big problems middle around the new Charts app's deficiency of transportation and Road Perspective information and sub-standard visitors reportage.

In lieu of them, The apple company targeted on turn-by-turn routing, 3D Flyover opinions and it's own visitors information. Eileen Degusta weblogs that "Apple is jeopardizing unpleasant 70% of the globe's population" with its function moving, observing that 63 nations (a inhabitants of 5 billion+) will be without one or more of the Charts functions formerly available in iOS 5.

I'm still using my reliable iPhone 4, so my greatest issue with iOS 6 Charts is that speech routing isn't reinforced on the iPhone 4. You need an iPhone 4S for that. Humorous, since I've been using a excellent routing app (TomTom) for a few several weeks now on my iPhone 4 without a issue. This is traditional organized obsolescence on Apple's aspect. It deliberately split a function with a system that's two years old to ty to power you to update.

To be reasonable, Siri took a lot of critique when it first came out too. It's since maturated into a leading function of iOS that many customers discover very useful. Apple's first-party Charts app is sure to older eventually, gathering map information is work extensive and visitors information will presumably enhance with crowdsourcing, but did The apple company shift too soon?

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