Google Helps Close 163 Security Vulnerabilities In iTunes

Summary: Google has had a helping hand in identifying some of the 163 vulnerabilities that were closed in the latest version of iTunes released with the launch of the iPhone 5.

Apple's introduction of its new, removed iTunes has been recognized by the organization as its way of "going back to our origins with an amazingly clean design," but beneath bright veneer there are also a number of protection weaknesses that have been repaired — 163 of them.

In a rather unexplained protection message launched by the organization today, Apple organization detailed the weaknesses that impact WebKit, the open-source making engine that abilities iTunes. iTunes has been hit by WebKit faults in the past, with Apple organization formerly making about 40 repairs for iTunes 9.2, most of which were WebKit related.

As WebKit is also used by Search engines Firefox, significance that any weaknesses found by Search engines eventually also benefit Apple organization and viceversa. Search engines seems to have done most of the footwork for Apple organization, however; Google protection categories found 74 weaknesses, while Apple's found 26. The rest were found by other protection categories and individual members.

The weaknesses mean that if customers are deceived into viewing a exclusively designed website, it can power iTunes to close, or more intense, perform irrelavent value that could allow an enemy to take control of the individuals computer.

Apple has not detailed which variations of iTunes are suffering from the weaknesses.
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