Must Smartphones Be Similar To iPhone To Sell?

Summary: The landmark Samsung/ Apple verdict made it clear that phone makers must give wide berth to the design of the iPhone to avoid legal trouble. That's easy enough to do, but will it sell?

The web is abuzz with the verdict in the Apple/ Samsung patent infringement case. The jury handed Apple a near complete victory, ruling that most of Samsung's smartphone line copied the design of the iPhone. There will certainly be an appeal of this decision so it's not over by a long shot.

The discussion over what Samsung will/should do going forward is all over the web. The future of Android is also entering the debate, as some basic UI principles in that OS were ruled in the concluded trial to belong to Apple.
 There is a broker that considers The apple company should never have been granted these patents for design and UI functions. I'm not going to get into that as I am not a lawful expert nor was I present in the judge to hear what the court heard in the test.

This content is not about what can or cannot happen going ahead, with either Android operating system or Samsung's upcoming smart range. That's beyond the opportunity of this pillar and not the factor. What is the factor is no issue how Android operating system or New Samsung might modify in reaction to this judge decision, will the modify be effective in the only judge that matters, the marketplace?

Whether you feel that Samsung's mobile phones infringe on Apple's design, there is no getting out of that most of them are identical. I don't believe customers would be puzzled that a particular New Samsung mobile cellphone was an iPhone, but that's not the issue. I'm completely discussing the point that the New Samsung mobile phones do indeed look just like the iPhone.

Again, I'm not getting into the legal issues of that. But what if it indicates a reality of the industry that is threatening for all smart mobile cellphone makers going forward? What if the community purchasing record reveals that customers want mobile phones that are just like the iPhone?

Let's face it, in the beginning Android operating system days the mobile phones, no issue who created them, didn't offer in large figures. Those mobile phones were very much as opposed to the iPhone, and Android operating system was different too.

Multi-touch didn't come to Android operating system until version 2.0, and then Search engines remaining it up to the OEMs to apply it on individual mobile phones. Public demand created it clear that multi-touch, with pinch-to-zoom and other functions was what buyers wanted, and it soon created it to every Android operating system mobile cellphone.

Google then got on panel and began applying multi-touch throughout Android operating system. Obviously, this happened after Search engines Eric Schmidt remaining the The apple company panel of administrators due to Search engines competition with The apple company in the smart mobile cellphone area.

The factor I am making is that Android operating system didn't get effective until after multi-touch, trademarked by The apple company, was a fundamental element of the buyer. The community required it and began purchasing Android operating system mobile phones in figures after they got it.

While Android operating system was changing to the effective way of today, New Samsung, HTC, and other OEMs were launching lots of mobile phones into the industry. Everyone was reaching for the magic bullet that customers would like in the figures required for achievements.

The beginning Android operating system mobile phones were not like the iPhone at all, and then that began to modify. Phones created by New Samsung in particular began to look increasingly like the iPhone, and revenue took off.

Samsung has become the top smart mobile cellphone owner in the world, and while many don't believe its mobile phones copy the iPhone, they are definitely identical. I'm not discussing the rightness nor wrongness of that, it's not the factor of this content.

I am revealing that I believe that Samsung's achievements was not the result of producing as many mobile cellphone models as possible, rather that customers began taking them up in figures because they liked them. They liked them because the basic design is attractive, and the operate is what customers want.

This indicates to me that for a smart mobile cellphone to offer in the large numbers, it must be identical in type and operate to the iPhone. This is obviously what the purchasing community wants, based on revenue records of New Samsung created at test. The mobile phones that sold large numbers were the ones ultimately decided as infringing on Apple's design.

Taken further, mobile phones that are drastically different from the iPhone in overall look have yet to acheive any achievements in the market. That may be chance but I don't think so.

Remember the Hand Pre? It was completely different than the iPhone in overall look, and it completely tanked in the market. Even with a drastically different OS (Apple once suggested at its disappointment with the Pre over the multi-touch operation) the Pre tanked in the market. (Note that it was then-COO Tim Cook who created the veiled risks back in 2009).

The Windows Phone range is drastically different than the iPhone and iOS, and while young it has yet to make a considerable hole in the smart mobile cellphone revenue figures. The drastically different components, think Htc, is not traveling off the racks in figures any where near the level of popular mobile phones.

I believe all of this points to the point that the purchasing community wants particular design in the components and the application on mobile phones. That design choice is for products just like the iPhone with iOS. Sure there are those who like different things, but I'm talking completely about big figures here.

That leaves the long run of the smart mobile cellphone area in a doubtful place since the judgment. Purchase record reveals customers will only buy a certain design of mobile cellphone. This design can not be created without some agreement with The apple company (a la Microsoft).

Companies will no doubt try things out with devices and perhaps even application to distance their produts from potential lawful trouble. The large question is if customers will buy that? History has so far confirmed the answer to be no.

To summary, I am not saying that New Samsung (or others) duplicated the iPhone. I am saying that mobile phones didn't start selling in considerable figures until they implemented a design just like the iPhone. The purchasing community created its choice known with its pockets, and that was for a type and operate just like the iPhone. A design now confirmed in judge to are part of The apple company.
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