HTC May Want To Consider Physical QWERTY And Lead In This Niche Market

Summary: HTC makes great hardware, but doesn't have the pull of Samsung to generate enthusiasm to excel at the moment. Can they return to their days of physical QWERTY keyboards and succeed there?

I had written about HTC's ongoing financial problems the other day and was motivated to study today on ZDNet that Chris Chou, HTC CEO, sent out an inner e-mail trying to move the soldiers. With a latest Htc study displaying a greater part of participants choosing a QWERTY key pad and RIM's not sure upcoming, I am remaining thinking if HTC can create a play in the Android operating system and Windows Cellphone marketplaces with QWERTY gadgets.

HTC was a head in components QWERTY mobile phones with the BEST surroundings QWERTY ever in the HTC Contact Pro 2 and one of the best symbol QWERTY gadgets in the Sprint 3G. HTC still has a number of latest physcial QWERTY gadgets out there in the HTC Appear and HTC myTouch 4G Fall, but it is difficult to acquire a components QWERTY system that is not from Samsung (Droid), RIM or Htc. I used to be a significant fan of actual computer key pad, but have gotten used to the full touchscreen display screen experience and am not sure I want to go back to a actual QWERTY. If HTC came out with a high end Windows Cellphone 8 or Android operating system Jam Vegetable system with a QWERTY key pad that may swing me to reevaluate.

RIM is having problems discovering its way, Htc is getting killed, and Samsung doesn't appear to be doing very well with Search engines as their proprietor. These organizations still create actual QWERTY gadgets and it seems there may be a market to serve these customers and carry them to HTC. The apple company will not create an iPhone with a actual QWERTY and given that HTC makes some of the best Android operating system and Windows Cellphone components out there it may be something to consider. Are you a fan of actual QWERTY keyboards? Do you think HTC should keep create gadgets with this feedback method?
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