iPad Mini? Nah, Here Comes The iBook

Summary: Rumors are swirling about the iPad Mini that Apple will soon release upon the buying masses. For Apple to enter the previously shunned small tablet market there must be a valid business reason. Pushing the iBook store would be that reason, and with the new iBook tablet even more so.

No company produces rumor-mongering and rumours like Apple company. Whenever conditions start directing to a new Apple company item, the experts go mad with rumours. The gossip of less sized iPad, or iPad Small, has even hit the significant information shops. The experts are with a weight of in with ideas on what the little iPad will look like.
What few are talking about is why Apple company might get into the little item area following the Nexus 7 by Search engines. Opinions of the Nexus 7 have been positive, and some believe Apple company will get into that area to affect the Nexus 7 off its little item best.

You never know what is going on at Apple company, but there is one company area where less sized iPad not only is practical but suits in with company at Apple company. A little iPad would be perfect as an digital e-book audience, one that let Apple company make a big force with its iBooks.

The iBooks have been around for a while, but haven't made a hole or dimple in the Amazon Amazon kindle company. Even the Nexus 7, although a Search engines item, is no question leading to lots of Amazon kindle guides being bought from Amazon due to the Amazon kindle app.

It creates feeling for Apple company to launch little sized iPad to go after the e-book audience. While the larger iPad is a excellent digital e-book audience, less sized form aspect is much better for studying guides on the go.

Even though little sized iPad would run the same applications as the larger brother, promoting it as an digital e-book audience would give Apple company the opportunity to really force its iBook content. I can see the ads now, satisfied people studying iBooks on the new little iPad. Apple company could even call the new iPad the iBook. That would be a sensible move.

The new iBook could be available as a full iPad with benefits. Namely, the capability to take it everywhere and read the a large number of guides in the Apple company store. The iPad could be recognized as the publication system of choice and the iBook for more relaxing activities.

I can see the ads now, common Apple company blow forcing the iBook as the best digital e-book audience on the earth. Oh, and it operates the an incredible number of iPad applications, too. No professional required.

It would fit Apple's technique like a handwear cover, and I assurance Apple company would offer 10 thousand iBooks in just a few short months. Perhaps even by christmas.

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