Angry Birds Seasons For iOS updated ; New Pink Bird Introduced

One of the most well-known games of all times, Furious Wildlife has been modified to edition 2.5.0; this your for Furious Wildlife Conditions and the upgrade is for the iOS foundation. The new edition is about the Back to School season, while still basking in the summer sun and quite in line to that it is full of Pens, celery, back packs, play areas. Furious Wildlife Conditions now functions 20 brand new schoolyard stages and new extra stages. Customers will have to challenge their way through the twenty stages. Among other things, the new edition also functions the new concept music. The new lilac fowl that is one of the features of this upgrade is most definitely an eye-catcher. Presenting her, the changelog flows, "She's adorable, lilac, and fizzy -- but watch out, this girl is no pushover!"

As per its information on the iTunes App store, Furious Wildlife Conditions "takes the fascinating game play of the unique to a whole new level! From Halloween parties night to Chinese suppliers New Season, you'll find birds enjoying different joyful seasons around the world! With more than 290 stages and regular free up-dates, these special periods offer more complicated stages of pig-popping action and fantastic egg to discover."

Only lately, we had revealed about a sly upgrade coming to users with regard to app purchasing and upgrading. The last upgrade took place in Jan and was Chinese suppliers designed (for Chinese suppliers New Year), whereas this upgrade went a little further eastern to Asia. The upgrade presented a concept called Cherry Flower, which presented 15 new stages and, of course, fantastic egg stages. The establishing was a Japoneses garden with cherry bloom plants.

Early this month, we had revealed about Rovio introducing an upgrade to its leading name, Furious Wildlife. At the time, it had been revealed that the  new upgrade included a lot of new stuff to the unique activity. The upgrade to the iOS edition of the extremely well-known activity included twelve to fifteen new exotic stages for gamers to affair around birds to eliminate the hogs. The upgrade also included some new power ups that gamers could buy: Master Throw, Birdquake, Super Seed products and  Throw Opportunity.

The new edition of Furious Wildlife Conditions is suitable with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and it needs iOS 3.0 or later.

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