How Strong Is Your iPhone Signal? No Jailbreak Required

Have you ever considered how powerful your cellular indication really is, and facepalmed at not being able to create a contact even when it reveals you have at least one bar? Well, theres an app for that, kind of...

Thanks to a awesome tip over at Redmond Pie, iPhone customers can modify the indication cafes to figures that display just how powerful (or weak) your iPhone indication really is.
It can be useful if you're in a so known as "dead zone" where it's challenging to get any indication at all, watching the figures can create the distinction on status to create that contact that needs to be done. The indication is calculated in sound levels, the reduced the variety is, the more powerful the indication.

Jailbreaking isn't needed, and the procedure is absolutely undoable, as I've found myself on a inventory iPhone 4. We aren't sure on which particular designs this modify performs, so just provide it with a shot.

Follow the actions below:
  •     Switch *3001#12345#* on your iPhone then media Call.
  •     You will now get into Area Analyze function. You will see a indication durability signal on  the higher left-hand area of your display. You can toggle between indication durability cafes and a variety by basically tape on it. At this factor, media the property option to quit the app or if you would like the function to be lasting, proceed on. Do not fear, the procedure is absolutely undoable.
  •     Keep down on the Energy option until you see the ‘slide to power off’ bar.  Do not power off it.
  •     Press down on the House option until the app ends and you come back to your desltop.

That’s it. Even when reigniting the iPhone, the indication durability can be toggled between cafes and figures. The nearer your variety is to zero, the more powerful your indication is.

To come back to the standard cafes absolutely, adhere to these steps:
  •     Switch *3001#12345#* on your iPhone then media Call.
  •     Press on your House Button once.

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