Gigabyte Radeon HD 7970 Super OverClock

Enjoying Tahiti's "half birthday" last 30 days, AMD relaunched its Radeon HD 7970 with a factory-overclocked "GHz Edition" that improved the referrals design's primary time amount from 925MHz to 1GHz with the objective of enabling the organization to declare it provided the quickest GPU. Unfortunately, the celebrations were short-lived for several factors.

Not only was it already possible to buy an HD 7970 operating at 1GHz and even well beyond that amount, but AMD wasn't really able to nab the efficiency top returning from Nvidia as the HD 7970 GHz Version and the GTX 680 are about equivalent. Furthermore, it was difficult to get thrilled about such a minor consistency push when it's associated with a $50 cost increase.

Gigabyte has taken issues into its own arms with the new HD 7970 SOC (Super OverClock) card, which seems to be far more exciting than AMD's remedy. With five lovers, nine heatpipes and a king-sized steam stage, one might consider the HD 7970 SOC to be overkill, and to that we say "hell yes!" Our inner fanatic has a penchant for all factors incorrect -- even if they're challenging to suggest from a value viewpoint. Let's shift on and see what Gigabyte's top quality providing has.

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