News Apple Store Update : Apple: iTunes Store, App Store Outage Caused By 'Internal' Error

Summary:Reports from social media point to an extensive, widespread outage to its app and music download services. Apple is losing about $2 million an hour.

Apple is said to be experiencing outages across its stores, including iTunes and its App Store.

Users on Twitter are reporting outages across multiple countries and regions. The company's status page has "green" across the board, with the exception of the iTunes Store.

"Customers may be unable to make purchases from the App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, or Mac App Store," it reads.
Issues have been reported since before 5am ET across all iPhone and iPad, and Mac platforms, and continued into the early afternoon.

In many cases, pages are displaying errors or "temporarily unavailable" notices, while apps and purchases are not going through at all.

Apple in a statement denied any foul play from a third-party, blaming an "internal DNS error."

The last instance in which Apple suffered extensive downtime was when a flaw was discovered in its developer portal. The site was shut down for weeks after an "intruder" attempted to take personal information. Many of the site's services were down for extended periods.

There's no indication, however, that the company has suffered a data breach or an attack on its systems.

Apple's App Store and iTunes Store, where the company makes about 6 percent of its global revenue from (according to its fiscal first quarter earnings, generated $4.8 billion in the three months ending December.

Though it's not a perfect figure because that division also includes Apple Pay and sales of Beats accessories, Apple is losing around $2.2 million for every hour the various stores are down. That said, the technology giant is more than making up for that dip in iPhone sale alone, based on figures from its fiscal first quarter earnings.
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