Web News : Windows 8 Core App Updates Coming Soon

The stated upgrade for all Microsoft-developed primary applications for Ms windows 8 seem to be on its way. The large upgrade of all applications that delivered with Ms windows 8 gadgets will probably create it in time for the stated March-end due date.

Paul Thurrott of Ms windows SuperSite found a collection of awaiting up-dates. At least 18 of these primary applications, if not more, are positioned to get an upgrade soon.

The awaiting up-dates do not seem to be up for set up in the Ms windows Shop. Instead, you can find the list of up-dates by starting the Event Audience looking the System log for “Installation Ready”. The applications that were found to be up for a renew include:
  • Microsoft.BingTravel
  • Microsoft.Camera
  • Microsoft.Bing
  • Microsoft.Reader
  • Microsoft.BingNews
  • microsoft.windowsphotos (Photos)
  • Microsoft.BingFinance
  • microsoft.microsoftskydrive
  • Microsoft.XboxLIVEGames
  • Microsoft.ZuneVideo
  • Microsoft.BingWeather
  • Microsoft.ZuneMusic (Xbox Music)
  • microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps (Mail, Calendar, People, Messaging)
  • Microsoft.BingMaps
  • Microsoft.BingSports
This set of upgrade also seems available for Ms windows RT and Ms windows Surface RT gadgets too, so customers with these gadgets need not worry.
Microsoft naturally is still limited lipped about the matter and provided no feedback about the upcoming up-dates. The phrase on the road recently was that Ms was try out examining these up-dates.

Microsoft made certain changes to Ms windows 8's primary first-party applications such as Console Songs and Games between Aug 2012, when RTM editions of the new OS were launched, and Oct 2012, when Ms windows 8 went on sale. Minimal refreshes have been trickling down since the release, but customer reaction has been warm towards applications like Console Songs and Email even though they are free. The common customer issue towards most of these applications has been that they feel more like try out editions and are generally unreliable. Users choose the web encounter over most applications, especially when it comes to the Ms designed mail app. Hopefully, this upgrade will deal with some of these problems.

Another upgrade, by way of what is being termed as “Windows Blue”, is due to appear this summer.  Red up-dates are likely to carry new editions of Internet Traveler, Google  and other applications, as well as kernel and car owner up-dates to help enhance the Ms windows encounter for the end customer. It is similar to a firmware upgrade.

It is well-known that "Blue" is the codename for Windows next growth pattern. It is stated that apart from relaxing the OS itself, Red will carry changes to a number of other Ms products when it is launched. It will also carry up-dates under one offset umbrella for smooth distribution to end customers. Ms desires that Ms windows Red will give it a advantage against their competitors over competitors Apple company and Google , or at least carry the business's software upgrade process on par with the rest.

To decrease fragmentation of applications, Ms could aim to create Ms windows Red the overarching OS, enabling the company greater control over costs, up-dates and piracy. Once Red is formally in the market, the Ms windows SDK might be modified and designers could have to stop creating particularly for either the mobile or PC systems. In such a situation, they would instead be motivated to create applications for Ms windows Red, and these applications would be shown in the Ms windows Phone Industry or the Ms windows Shop.
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