Report : Windows Phone 8 Upgrade Path Guaranteed By Microsoft

Owners of Ms windows Phone 8 gadgets can take in a sigh of relief: Ms has dedicated to providing a application upgrade direction for mobile phones developed to run the present edition of its mobile os. The guarantee was made by marketing administrator Greg Sullivan to a PC Journal writer on the side lines of the lately determined MWC in Spain's capital.

Early Ms windows Phone adopters who hopped in with Ms windows Phone 7 and 7.5 were left out in the cold when Ms declared that their gadgets would not be able to deal with Ms windows Phone 8. The news came out several weeks before the release of WP8, putting a serious damper on sales of the instantly outdated previous-generation gadgets, such as the first trend of Htc Lumias and a few designs from LG and New samsung. The reason was that WP8 was going to use a whole new Ms windows kernel, demanding a new processer structure. The decision throw long-lasting questions over Windows ability to provide an upgrade direction to customers of any upcoming gadgets. 
Microsoft, which did not definitely take part at MWC this season, is commonly stated to be quite far along into its next service pattern, codenamed "Blue". This will be a item renew across Ms windows for the pc, pills and mobile phones as well as Windows various online services. Sullivan's claims seem to indicate that it will indeed move out to all present and upcoming WP8 gadgets. Perhaps having discovered from their error last season, no one at Ms has yet resolved what exactly the "Blue" renew is and what it will provide.

Windows Phone 7.x gadgets were designed to an extremely limited requirements, which didn't allow any versatility with regards to the CPU used, amount of RAM, screen quality and storage space, and did not fulfill the lowest specifications WP8 gradually required. Instead of a full upgrade, customers were guaranteed a aesthetic upgrade that merely replicated the look and feel of WP8, which has still not combined out to all WP 7.x customers nearly six several weeks after it was expected to. Ms windows Phone 8 gadgets have relatively more headroom for upcoming application up-dates, and the application can range across a broader range of components, making it possible to release gadgets that will be developed with the next edition of Ms windows Phone in mind but launched previously with WP8.
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