Facebook Testing Free Calls, Voice Messaging In Messenger App

Facebook is currently examining VoIP and speech messaging functions for its Courier app in select parts around the globe. The public media giant lately revealed that its Courier app can now be used to create speech cellphone calls in North america for no cost. Using a Wi-Fi or cellular information relationship, Facebook customers can now create no cost cellphone calls using the messenger assistance on iOS.

The VoIP assistance is currently rolling out only to Canada iPhone customers, but if the tests go well, this operate could roll out on Facebook Courier for Android operating system for customers worldwide as well. To create a contact using this operate, customers need to hit the ‘i’ key and then choose ‘Free Call.’ To try this out, customers will only need to upgrade their app and use a Wi-Fi relationship or their existing information plans.

While Facebook customers in North america will be able to actually hold a real-time, phone-like discussion, customers across the globe will have a new operate in the Courier app wherein they will be able to history short speech information to deliver to their buddies.  To deliver a speech concept, customers need to click on the ‘i’ key and hit history.

While the speech mail-like operate seems to be a nice way to say hello to buddies in your own speech, the bigger question is, why Facebook is including such functions so late in the day when they are so easily available with VoIP applications like Skype. 

Facebook is examining the VoIP operate with a small test team and might start up speech cellphone calls to the globe too. Recently, Facebook  improved its Courier for Android operating system to accept customers that weren't a part of the public media site. With only a variety and a name, anyone can use Facebook Courier to contact buddies both on and off Facebook using the Courier App. Once the Facebook Call over VoIP operate is extended to Android operating system, the variety of customers using the no cost contact operate will be hugely larger.

Adding a contact and speech concept operate is one of the many changes Facebook seems to be including in their applications since the past few months. Besides opening up Android operating system Courier to all, Facebook has also released Stick, a self-destructing concept app that's just like Snapchat.

Using Stick, Facebook customers can deliver information and pictures to their buddies and set some time after which the concept will instantly be damaged. Only start to iOS customers yet, Stick can deliver out information to multiple customers simultaneously.

Facebook has also been in speaks with system service provider Lemon to present a team calling operate using VoIP called ‘Party Call.’ The operate, recognized to be just like Orange’s own Libon App, will route cellphone calls directly through Orange’s speech system to create team cellphone calls without needing contact numbers.

In an statement made in Nov, Lemon had declared that the ‘Party Call’ operate will be available on the mobile and desktop editions of the public media website, and customers will be able to contact each other and create team cellphone calls using connections on Facebook.
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