Report : HTC HD2 Seen Running Windows RT

At this point, it would be safe to say that the HTC HD2 is a famous program in growth groups. Obviously, an HD2 has been identified in the wild operating Ms windows RT, which is basically an os for tablets. According to GSMArena, the crack was conducted by a designer who goes by @CotullaCode on Tweets. He has published screenshots that show the os operating on the HD2. He hasn't given any guidelines yet, and the performance on the product probably isn't ideal, but this is a great example of what designers can do with an open program.

It is proof of the awareness of the product, as well as the determination of designers, that a program that was released during 2009 can run a full-blown product os released not even four months ago. This could be linked to the requirements of the product, which were spectacular at its release, and can still hold their own compared to some of the mid-end devices available today.

Back this year, designers contacting themselves the Dark Causes Group handled to slot Ms windows phone 7 to the product. The same team also worked on porting Ms windows phone 7.5, aka Apple to the product. 
On the Ms windows RT side, things have been relatively silent since Ms released its own product, but details appeared recently about Nokia’s own efforts at a product. According to reviews in the media, the future standing from the Finnish mobile massive will feature mobile connection, HDMI and USB slots along with a 10.1-inch display that is just like the screen found on the Ms Surface RT product. Another major exposure is that this product will first appearance in early 2013, which suits up with previously speculation about the possible statement date.

It is stated that Htc organized to develop the product with a Qualcomm S4 processer under the bonnet a few months ago, but pressed the plan returning after Windows statement of the Surface product. Htc then deliberately targeted on mobile mobile phones and late growth of the 10-inch product. The organization appear to be still analyzing the present product market due to the below-expectations performance of Ms Surface RT. Following The lenders present labeling meeting, the product may be labeled under the Lumia sequence and could have a design just like the present Lumia mobile phones.

Another report stated that Htc is planning on further entrenching itself into Windows Ms windows 8 environment, with the organization apparently set to declare the new program at the future Mobile World The legislature in Feb 2013.

It is also considered that HTC may be operating on a product to competing Apple's present range. The organization is said to be operating on a 12-inch product, as well as a 7-inch model, both of which will have the ability to make telephone calls. Both these tablets will run on Ms windows RT. HTC is considered to first appearance these products in 2013.
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