Microsoft Surface Pro: Too Much Money For Too Little Tablet?

Summary: The Surface Pro, Microsoft's Windows 8 tablet/laptop for the enterprise, may offer too little goodness for too much money.

The Surface Pro, Ms windows 8 multiple tablet/laptop for company, appears to be excellent. But, at a beginning price of $899 for the 64GB design, without a key pad, is anyone going to want it?

The very excellent information is that the Surface Pro operates full Ms windows 8, rather than the impaired Ms windows RT. While I have no use for Ms windows 8 on a pc, I've also thought that its "Metro" interface might work well on a product.

In inclusion, with an The apple company Primary i5 processer the Surface Pro has the power needs to run Ms windows 8 effectively. The Surface RT, with its NVIDIA Tegra 3 ARM processer, is underpowered. So why do I think that the Surface Pro will be too little, too late?

In two words: the The apple company iPad.
Love it or dislike it, the iPad began the Bring Your Own System (BYOD) activity in IT. Bob Tasks may not have had employees in offices in mind when he imagined up the iPad, but the iPad has become the poster-child for tablets in company.

Besides getting individuals creativity, for once the iPad is less expensive than its competitors. A 64GB iPad with Retina Show with Wi-Fi and mobile is $829. That's $70 less than the basic Surface Pro.

Some individuals claim that the Surface Pro is not over-priced because its competitors is really more compact notebooks like the MacBook Air. My reaction is that while it may not be reasonable to evaluate the Surface Pro with the iPad, that's exactly what individuals will do.

Besides if you do evaluate the Surface Pro with the MacBook Air does it really do that well? I don't think so. Ms itself confesses that the Surface Pro will have only 50 percent the life cycle of power supply of the Surface RT. That would put it, at best. at about 4 and a 50 percent time, which is terrible for a product, and a bit below my MacBook Air, which continually gets five time plus.

It's also, I must add, below my New samsung Celeron-powered Chromebook, which comes in with six time, and my ARM-powered Chromebook, which keeps operating for up to six-and-a-half time. The ARM design, which operates great with the compact Firefox OS, also only expenses $249.

If Ms had patiently waited to present the Surface Pro after Intel's more power effective Clover Pathway chipset the Surface Pro might have been more aggressive. Clover Pathway has been slowly to appear though and the Surface Pro won't be available for purchase until Jan even so.

What it all contributes up to is that the Surface Pro is tardy to market; simply isn't aggressive as a tablet; and, with the Contact Protect or Type Protect add-ons ($120 or $130), it's not that exciting as a laptop. I see IT divisions purchasing iPads, Android operating system tablets, MacBooks or Ultrabooks for all the marketers that the Surface Pro might complete. Neither seafood nor chicken, I don't see the Surface Pro finding a company viewers.
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