Logitech Announces Solar-Powered Accessories For iDevices

Logitech has recently declared the development of its product components as well as solar-powered product profile in Indian with three new products -  the Logitech Ultrathin Key pad Protect and Logitech Solar power Key pad Folio which are made for the new, third-generation iPad as well as the iPad 2; and Logitech Wifi Solar power Key pad K760 for Mac, iPad or iPhone. 

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover :
Designed for the iPad, the Logitech Ultrathin Key pad Protect defends the display with a thin aluminum cover that contributes little weight to the device. It also functions a built-in keyboard that couples through Wireless bluetooth. Logitech declares that when you are ready to type an email or watch a movie, the keyboard’s built-in take a position maintains the iPad at the best position. Just like a Intelligent Protect, this Logitech Ultrathin Key pad Protect connects quickly and safely to your iPad with a attractive video. It has an immediate On/Off feature, which means your iPad immediately awakens when you start the coverage, and changes to stand by when you close it. And with a six-month lifestyle cycle of battery power which is depending on two hours-per-day utilization, a user can take a longer period entering and shorter period concerning about their keyboard losing power. 

Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio :
The Logitech Solar power Key pad Folio contains on board tissues that cost the built-in Wireless bluetooth keyboard in any mild, whether used outside or in the house. When completely billed, battery power takes up to two years, even in complete night and Logitech declares that this interval is depending on a typical use of two time per day. The Folio provides two take a position roles. Open the Folio and position your iPad in the first position to enjoy the full keyboard when you are entering. Place your iPad in the second position and the first keyboard row functions as your one-touch media play-back and amount manages, which allows customers to play, stop and change amount immediately.  

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 :
The product declares that this keyboard is lightweight and functions on board tissues for hassle-free asking for. With its easy-switching Wireless bluetooth connection, one can pair their keyboard to as many as three devices and change among them without having to get in touch. The Logitech Wifi Solar power Key pad K760 functions a thin, simple style and Mac-specific important factors, such as Control, Lighting, Remove and more. The product statements that the Logitech concave key style gives you more comfortable and silent entering, and provides enhanced speed and perfection than entering on an on-screen keyboard. Just like the Logitech Solar power Key pad Folio, you can cost this keyboard in any mild such as low mild or light mild, outside or in the house. Fully operated, laptop keyboards works for at least three months, even in total night and this interval is approximated depending on regular use per day of eight time.

Commenting on the release, Mr. Subrotah Biswas, Country Administrator of Logitech Indian and South Western Japan, said, “Logitech considers in offering a excellent buyer experience, to people from different of all ages, which is targeted towards supporting efficiency.  The new Logitech keyboard cases – with their smooth, smart style and prolonged keyboard lifestyle cycle of battery power – offer a practical way for customers to do more with their iPad; while the Wifi Solar power Key pad K760 will entice Apple customers.” He also added, “We pleasure ourselves on being a consumer-centric company, and we are dedicated to offer customers the joy of being engrossed in the digital world.”

The Logitech Ultrathin Key pad Protect, the Logitech Solar power Key pad Folio and the Logitech Wifi Solar power Key pad K760 are available in Indian for a recommended list price of Rs. 6,599, Rs. 8,999 and Rs. 6,599, respectively.  For more information, click here.
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