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When you project into an AT&T Shop to buy a photo digital camera will be initially. Oh, sure, any of the mobile phones you might purchase at AT&T has a digital camera built in, perhaps even a reasonable one. But you're thinking mobile first, with the digital camera offering a additional benefit.

Taking images is the primary function for the eye-catching new New samsung Galaxy Camera that AT&T just started selling. It has a wonderful 4.8-inch high-definition contact show on the back that can be considered even in direct sun, the same dimension display as on Samsung's popular Galaxy S III smartphone and one that works as a lovely viewfinder.

The front — you'll never error this point-and-shoot for a mobile — is white and eye-catching. Galaxy Camera is slim enough to fit in a loose wallet too, though you'll certainly feel the large.

So why is it sold at AT&T? The message is simple: As with a smartphone, you can ideally publish images and discuss images when you're out and about, zipping them off easily to an online storage space locker, online community or via e-mail. And the digital camera has a excellent picture indicator and other photo tools that take it up a level from the digital camera on your mobile.

Though Galaxy Camera is not a smartphone, it has functions in common with its Galaxy kin. Start with the fact that when Wi-Fi is not available, the digital camera can be linked with AT&T's wi-fi 4G mobile information system (specifically the HSPA + system, not the quicker LTE network).

Alas, 4G costs a expensive $10 each 30 days on top of the $499.99 you pay for the digital camera itself. That gives you between 1 gb and 20 GB of information, but only if you're already part of an AT&T Cellular Share wi-fi strategy. Otherwise, you can pay $15 each 30 days for an individual strategy that gives you a simple 250 mb of information, or go up to $50 each 30 days for a 5 GB option.

AT&T is giving Galaxy Camera owners 5 GB of free reasoning storage space, potential for approximately 5,000 average dimension images, in its new AT&T Locker.

Prowling the Web :

The digital camera homes the kind of highly effective quad-core processer you might see in a state-of-the art smartphone. It operates Android operating system edition 4.1, known by the Jam Vegetable name, allowing you to bring suitable applications in the Search engines Perform market.

You don't generally go to your digital camera to hunt the Web using Google Firefox (or any other) web browser, but that's what I did. I also sent and read Googlemail, examined the weather, got guidelines through Search engines Charts, performed Upset Wildlife Celebrity Conflicts, heard music streaming from my Search engines Perform account, and even considered thoughts from a The show biz industry film.

All the applications are easily available from a contact selection acquainted to the Android operating system audience. By installing a third-party app such as Skype, you can even make or receive telephone phone calls.

Of course, you can also take benefits of the Picture Magician app that New samsung preloads, for easy modifying projects, or visit the Search engines Perform store to bring Instagram or variety other photography-related applications.

But while obtaining a large number of cell mobile applications is welcome, do you really want a digital camera, especially one that's much bigger and bulkier than your common portable, subbing for your smartphone? And since Galaxy Camera is eventually about capturing images, you'll want to be additional careful of sapping power supply.

With all that in mind, the appropriate way to assess Galaxy Camera is not to evaluate it with the digital cameras on mobile phones but rather to its point-and-shoot opponents. Galaxy Camera supports completely, even if it is on the costly side. It has a 16-megapixel picture indicator, 23-millimeter wide-angle contacts and a sleek 21X visual zoom capability that you management with a handle on the top of the digital camera. Given the schizophrenic characteristics of the device — it has photo and mobile origins — the management also enhances as a amount musician.

I was generally happy with the images that I took outside, a little less so in less light. Shades were vivid and actual. The digital camera also records high-definition video. You can take images by pushing a physical shutter key on top, just like a common factor or capture, or by hitting an on-screen symbol.

Samsung contains three main capturing ways. In automatic method you're allowing the digital camera select the appropriate configurations. You can also apply various filtration (sepia, medieval black, etc.) from this method.

In intelligent method, you can take benefits of several brilliant tricks, some of which are found on Galaxy mobile mobile phones. The Best Picture feature, for example, takes eight successive pictures; you get to tap each of the images worth keeping. A Best Experience device allows you select the best mug for each person in a group taken from one of five successive images taken. Your most favorite for each topic are placed in a single picture. A Beauty Experience establishing allows you cover up face blemishes in a topic.

Other intelligent method options are ideal for macro close-ups, silhouettes, scenery and capturing panoramas.

Photo lovers may move to "expert" method, in which most of the show is taken up by clear manages that simulate the phone calls you might see on a DSLR. By using the phone calls, you can change aperture, ISO, shutter speed and other configurations.

But some functions are absolutely gimmicky. For example, you can use your speech to management the digital camera. Say "cheese" or "smile" to instantly take a picture. It proved helpful — but only some of enough time — and not when there was a lot of exterior disturbance. It may be a crowd-pleasing stop, but is it all that hard to media the shutter button?

Galaxy Camera is a better present shooter than the smartphone in your wallet, and having wi-fi is a major comfort. But not everyone will want to spend the additional recover the cash for applications and functions that are completely well-suited, and copied, on your mobile.

The bottom line :

Samsung Galaxy Camera

$499.99, AT&T information strategy optional

Pro: Strong digital camera operates Android operating system Jam Vegetable and numerous applications. 4G wi-fi information (with plan) to supplement Wi-Fi, allowing you to publish and discuss images when you're on the go. Beautiful display. 21X visual zoom capability.

Con: Expensive, especially with optionally available information strategy. Lifestyle cycle of power supply is reasonable.
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