2012 In Review: Top Articles And Galleries Of The Mobile Gadgeteer

Summary: 2012 was another busy year in the mobile space and readers confirmed that longer form, in-depth articles were more popular than headline grabbing drama posts.

I spend almost all time here publishing content on my Mobile phones & Mobile Phone weblog, but three of my top 10 content and exhibits this period were from the mobile Gadgeteer weblog and I desired to discuss and talk about those with you.

Top 3 websites of 2012 :

The top 3 content here on ZDNet mobile Gadgeteer for 2012 were:
  • 2011 iPad Workplace applications showdown: Who says you can't perform on the go?
  • iPad Workplace app showdown: Four applications to help you get perform done.
  • Term, Succeed and PowerPoint on your Amazon kindle Flame or Place Tablet? (Android Workplace app showdown)
I actually discovered it exciting that these three websites all had to do with Workplace on pills and I am actually motivated by these results. We often see extraordinary title getting content developed for surprise value to obtain immediate page opinions, but I try hard not to create those type of content. I believe that those type of content might be good for a day or so, but end up dropping overall since visitors don't want to come returning again and again to study the buzz. I put serious time into opinions, evaluation content, and exhibits and they don't actually get the main pillar of Techmeme. However, I believe people them useful over a many years and this is proven yet again by my 2011 iPad Workplace content being my top publish for 2012 here on the mobile Gadgeteer weblog. Wow, an content I had written way returning in July 2011 is constantly on the entice a lot of visitors.

Thank you special visitors for verifying my perception that period was well invested on teaching you rather than getting on the craziest claims and publishing inflamation related claims.

Top 3 picture exhibits of 2012 :

While our picture collection system is constantly on the progress and enhance, I understand the structure is not the most popular element of the ZDNet site. That said, I think pictures can be quite beneficial at displaying important features that terms alone cannot do rights for. Here are my top 3 exhibits from 2012:
  • The apple company iPad 2 strong situation showdown.
  • The New samsung Universe Observe is perfect for information centric consumers.
  • 2011 iPad Workplace Apps Showdown.
The iPad took 2 out of the top 3 areas, but I discovered it exciting that my strong iPad situation evaluation obtained the most opinions recently. I discover these strong situations useful for teaching and deliver assessments, but did not think visitors would perspective that collection more than others I developed over the period. The Universe Observe collection also did very well and now that I have been living with the Observe 2 for over each 30 days I am marketed that it is the best smartphone/small product for me.

Best equipment of the year :

I did not protect nearly as much equipment here as I did on my Mobile phones weblog, but I do have some easy choices and suggestions for the mobile space.
  • Best huge tablet: The apple company iPad with Retina
  • Best Android operating system tablet: Search engines Nexus 7
  • Best eInk device: Amazon Amazon kindle Paperwhite
  • Best earphones: Logitech UE 900
  • Best convenient Wireless speaker: Braven 650
  • Best workout/fitness device: Samsung MOTACTV
  • Best everyday life action tracker: Nike Fuelband
Do you have a preferred writing or piece of equipment from 2012? If so, you can keep a statement and talk about with other visitors.

Again, thank you for studying this weblog. I wish you come returning everyday and bring a buddy in 2013. I couldn't do it without your assistance and for that I am very thankful. Have a amazing holidays and keep updated in for more opinions coming soon that I think will create some of the choices above outdated.
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