Time For Android To Radically Change The UI

Summary: The patent infringement verdict against Samsung is a firm shot across the bow of Android. Google risks a continual stream of litigation from Apple unless it changes the look and feel of the Android UI.

No issue how we presume about the complete success passed to Apple company against New samsung in the milestone certain violation situation lately determined, it is what it is. The judge decided that many features of Android operating system are too just like those of iOS secured by patents. It also discovered that the overall look and feeling of Samsung's system connections, and Android's by organization, also infringe on Apple's patents.

Right or incorrect the jury's discovering factors out that often Android operating system is identical in style to iOS. I like both Android operating system and iOS but if I'm sincere I must confess that using my Android operating system cellphone is just like using my iPhone. The same is real of my Nexus 7 product, using it is just like using my iPad.

That is the primary issue dealing with Search engines with Android operating system. It is identical in looks and operate to iOS, a look that now has lawful precedent to are part of Apple company. That likeness is real to anyone who is sincere enough to confess it.

My co-worker Jerr Perlow has a excellent look at the business outfit problems at perform, and is value a study. Perlow information information experiencing Search engines with Android operating system, and involves a modify to prevent upcoming problems.

I acknowledge with him that Android operating system needs a facelift, but not just because of the legalities. Android operating system needs a UI modify to get out of the darkness of iOS. It's about here we are at a extreme modify to the individual interface of Android operating system to give customers the exclusive encounter they are entitled to.

Android is personalized, one of its strong factors. Users can create the homepages look as they choose with icons and templates of their option. That's a great thing, but it shouldn't be up to each individual to create the Android operating system individual interface look different from current systems. What Android operating system needs is new individual interface that drives the advantage of appearance.

That's not that hard, there are third celebration add-on UIs that are quite excellent. One of the most exclusive is Chameleon, now available in try out type to those who reinforced the Kickstarter venture. It's to be openly available soon, and if Search engines was sensible it should buy the company and the individual interface and integrate it into the very primary of Android operating system.

Chameleon is published for pills, and I can't delay to get it on my Nexus 7. But Search engines could adjust it for mobile phones too with its wide sources. No one can refuse the appearance of this individual interface. Not even Apple company.

Making a extreme modify to the look of Android operating system is dangerous but it needs to be done. It's a chance to create a unique impact with customers while distancing Android operating system from the individual interface that is iOS.

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