Windows Phone 8 : A Tour Of The Business Features

Summary: What does Windows Phone 8 bring for the small and large enterprises? Take a brief tour of the key business features of the smartphone OS. 

Ms needs Ms windows Cellphone 8 to be a success to be able to recover its status in the smart phone world. In particular, the new cellular os contains a variety of  business-focused functions that Ms desires will help it make up the floor it's missing to iOS and Android managing program gadgets.

Office and Ms windows 8 :

Perhaps one of the Ms platform's greatest strong points is its ability to execute with its touch-friendly pc OS and its heritage business programs, such as Workplace - and Ms windows Cellphone 8 is no different.

All Ms windows Cellphone 8 devices come with a non-ad reinforced edition of Workplace that contains Word, Succeed, OneNote and PowerPoint - but simply omits factors like Accessibility. Think of it as like the free 'Student' edition of Workplace that comes pre-installed on new gadgets, except without the ads.

Microsoft's Workplace package has gone through a significant renovation in the last few months, and the release of Workplace 365 introduced Workplace mobile's cloud-sync abilities, significance that any changes made to records or last-minute inclusions in that essential PowerPoint demonstration are instantly synced with variations on other gadgets.

"It's about you and your information rather than what program you happen to be working on," Rich Warren, specialized solutions professional lead for Ms windows Cellphone 8 in the UK, informed ZDNet at the Ms windows Cellphone release. "Because it uses the same binaries, the same value, as on a PC there's no playing around with style, so the PowerPoint demonstration we can see here is exactly the same as you'd see on the display.  If we're reasoning linked we can synchronize all this material together." 

In addition to providing a two-way material synchronize, it also facilitates submitting of social bookmarks, so, if you're part way through modifying a papers and need to set off or office, you can pick up exactly where you left off on your phone.

Email support :

Naturally, Ms windows Cellphone 8 also provides comprehensive e-mail assistance (including web-based solutions and Exchange) via Perspective Mobile and offers the option of getting them all in one mailbox, which can be strained by account.

"You get the conventional Perspective mail boxes, nice threaded interactions and complete entry to your outlook," Warren said. "If you're running an Return 2010 hosting server on the back-end you get almost all the services: 256 SSL, Information Privileges Control – all of that."

Behind the scenarios of the syncing is Windows (also revamped) SkyDrive service which instantly facilitates up records, images and other data files from a Ms windows Cellphone 8 device.

Encryption :

Warren also informed ZDNet that business information on the product should stay secured thanks to complete inner storage space protection. However, in the passions of controlling customer and BYOD requirements for the gadgets, Ms has taken the choice not to secure microSD storage space, to be able to allow the detachable storage space (and anything stored on it) to execute on other gadgets too.

"The SD cards is Windows-readable, so I can pop it out, put it into a PC and it will just read it. What we made the decision was that we would not secure the SD cards. That was a challenging choice but there are two reasons why,"
Warren said.

"The first is that, we desired it to be Windows-readable. The protection we use is hardware-based], so there happens to be TPM processor inside the product that preserves the important factors, so if I take the cards out it now has no entry to its important factors, so it becomes a non-readable piece of media,"
he included.

While this obviously increases questions about the protection of any information stored on exterior storage space, Warren included that only music, video clips, images and e-books can be stored on the cards for that reason. If you try to save any other kind of data file or, say, delicate company papers to the extended storage space, it generally won't let you.

"We restrict the type of information that can be stored on the SD cards, and it does it through headlines, not data file additions so you can't deceive it. The idea is that first of all, it makes it understandable and secondly indicates I can separate individual material away from company material, so when that gadgets is being handled through a cellular phone management program it baby wipes the inner storage space, but doesn't contact your individual material,"
Warren said.

Mobile program management :

Microsoft wants to woo companies by enabling Ms windows Cellphone 8 to be handled by a variety of different resources, which range from using Return Effective Sync (EAS) to execute factors like a program clean, right through to resources like Mobile Metal or InTune found in bigger companies.

Similarly to the product management factors of the foundation, Ms has also regarded the app needs of company customers, in particular the potential protection risk provided by providing all workers unfettered entry to the complete Ms windows Cellphone 8 app shop.

Business app stores :

The organization's solution is to allow company to variety their own on-premise edition with its own curated app material.

"It's not easy, we don't just provide the records away, you have to go through a quite firm procedure to get authorization to do this. We get Verisign in to evaluate the situation, once we're happy with that we will provide that company a sub-ordinate code-signing document," Warren said. "With that they can generally build their own inner app store; that allows them to set up line-of-business programs instantly to the gadgets, but it's role-based. So as you add the app shop to the product, it [realises who you are] and knows that you require these programs, these news for – and it provides them instantly to a labeled hub on the desktop."

However, company customers are not actually cut off completely from the community app shop as on-premise app shop directors can choose to generally re-publish community programs on their own labeled inner shop. 

Lync integration :

There are other functions too, like Lync function incorporation into the OS, which indicates that when you need to be a part of a business contact, you generally need to take up information of the contact (pictured above), media 'join online meeting' and get into the PIN value.

Whether or not this number of business-friendly functions can stop the upcoming goal of Apple's iOS foundation into companies continues to be to be seen, but it must absolutely entice IT directors more than solutions such as Android managing program.
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