Microsoft Surface -- The Teardown

Summary: Microsoft's Surface tablet has landed, and after undoing 17 Torx fasteners the folks at iFixit had a chance to see just how easy it is to take this tablet apart and what makes this device tick.

Windows Surface product is out and the persons from fix company iFixit have got their arms on one and taken it apart so we can see what creates it tick!

Getting into the Surface includes undoing 17 T5 Torx nails -- ten under the kickstand and a further seven under the photographic camera protect. Also, splitting into the product indicates getting previous a tamper-evident closure, which basically indicates any efforts at maintenance voids your assurance.

Once within the Surface we find that it is operated by a 7.4 V, 31.5 Wh power supply made by New samsung. The potential is between the iPad 2's 25 Wh power supply, and the iPad 3's 42.5 Wh power supply.

On the mainboard is a 1.4GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 processor processor (red box), 32GB of New samsung display storage space (orange box), 2GB of Micron RAM (yellow box), a Marvell wi-fi MIMO processor (blue box), a Wolfson sound codec, and a Cypress touchscreen display operator (black box). 

On the back of the mainboard is a mild indicator (red box) and two microphone (orange box). 

The Surface product is quickly to fix than Apple's iPad, with several elements being flip and exchangeable without demanding desoldering. Battery power is also easy to eliminate once the product is started out.

However, there are disadvantages. The back board is difficult to eliminate, and the laptop key pad plug difficult to get at without eliminating the show. The LCD and cup are merged together, significance both have to be changed, and getting at the LCD or the protecting cup will need a lot of tolerance.

With this in thoughts, iFixit have given the Surface a reparability ranking of 4 out of ten (where ten is simplest to repair). This is better than the 2 obtained by the iPad 3, but nowhere near as good as the 7 obtained by the Kindle Flame HD or the Nexus 7.

"The Surface's style allows you to start it without worry of splitting the show cup, but it's not a simple process," creates iFixit's Primary Details Designer Miroslav Djuric. "And you'll have to dig through the whole product to be able to get to the LCD/glass, which will be the most likely purpose you're damaging the Surface to start with.
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