Video : Navy’s Humanoid Robot Dances Gangnam Style

Fulfill CHARLI-2, Va Tech’s thin, five-foot high individual like application. His stability is enviable: Jostle him, and he’ll right himself — which is one of the factors the Deep blue blue is using him for analysis on its firefighting application of the long run. Oh, and as it clip above reveals, he also dances Gangnam Style.

On Thursday, CHARLI-2 will officially meet his flesh-and-blood shipmates at an expo in Va tossed by the futurists at the Workplace of Naval Research. His designer, professional Dennis Hong of Va Tech’s Robotics & Systems Clinical, has a $3.5 thousand allow from the Deep blue blue to help design CHARLI-2's son, the Independent Shipboard Humanoid, or ASH. CHARLI-2, the present check foundation for ASH, will take the level at the Workplace of Naval Research’s yearly technological innovation display to show how spiders can communicate with people.

The Deep blue blue has been testing with a different application, the in the same way authentic Octavia, on the same system to develop a application that performs with individual mariners to battle shipboard shoots. Octavia, however, has a rolling framework. She will never do anything Gangnam Style. And since delivers are loaded with “knee-knocker” passageways, actions and actions, the Deep blue blue needs a application that — at least in theory — can.

“If a application can do all the projects that come with battling a flame, it can do all these other factors on delivers, like scrubbing the outdoor patio,” Hong informs Risk Space. “It’s like the Europe Military blade of robotics.” Or at least the PSY.

But the Deep blue blue is not just dealing with Hong because CHARLI-2 has elegant feet. It’s because of the robot’s innovative application, particularly its capability to navigate itself. “If you have a bipedal application with a photographic camera on its go, it’s trembling a lot, so how does the application determine where it is in the room?” Hong describes. So Hong developed an criteria for backing CHARLI-2 and getting it to evolve to hurdles like those knee-knockers. (In robotics, the attempt is known as SLAM, for multiple localization and applying.) CHARLI-2's application will give rise to the ASH venture, even as its hydraulics help Deep blue blue scientists deal with the actual difficulties of developing the ‘bot to go up and come down patios.

Oh, and CHARLI-2's also, uh, popular. He’s the do it again champ at the popular RoboCup robotics prizes two decades operating in the full-size individual like classification. Time has gushed over him. High-class product Louis Vuitton provided CHARLI-2 an eponymous prize after defeating a Singaporean application at football. Hong got a company logo set LV situation.

But CHARLI-2 is not going to be a prima d on deliver. Beginning next season, the Deep blue blue will begin “making sure it can stroll along [a ship's] shelves, and probably by the end of next season, put it in a great smoky atmosphere,” Hong says. And he’s got a really like interest: Octavia’s sleek, frothy epidermis will merge with some of CHARLI-2's functions to generate the ASH application. Like his dad, ASH will have articulable feet that can be placed within a safety fit, like a individual, to hold up against heat range extreme conditions.

CHARLI-2's son might one day work together with individual mariners to put out shipboard flame. But it continues to be to be seen if either application can outcompete those mariners in a Gangnam dance-off. However, a assured Hong says, “CHARLI-2 can at least defeat Deep blue blue mariners in a dance-off doing ‘The Robot.’” .

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