Review : Appke iPad Mini Roundup

Summary: The first reviews of Apple's latest diminutive tablet are out in the wild. Here's a roundup.

Fortunate are those who handled to get their arms on Apple's newest new item, the iPad Mini item, before everyone else.

But is it any good? Is there a company use case? Or is it just a item for tots?

My prestigious market co-workers discovered out :
  • "The ideal dimension, but at a cost." -- CNET's Scott Stein.
  • "A system so excellent that perhaps this upgrade was launched so soon after its forerunner to sustain the benefit the bigger, more costly system." -- Engadget's Tim Stevens.
  • "There's something captivating about the Mini that creates you want to keep it on-hand and use it often. It's a sensation the bigger iPad never elicited in me." -- The Verge's Josh Topolsky.
  • "In symbol, I actually discover it quicker to kind on the Mini than a full-size iPad. All thumbs, with less range to journey between important factors, it seems more like entering on an iPhone. In scenery, though, entering is extremely more intense." -- Bold Fireball's David Gruber.
  • "Unlike its nearest opponents, the Mini can't perform movie in high-definition." -- The Walls Road Journal's Wally Mossberg.
  • "By costs the Mini so great, The apple company allows the $200 kind of seven-inch Android operating system pills and visitors to stay (Google Nexus, Kindle Flame HD, Place HD)." -- The New You are able to Times' Bob Pogue.
  • "By evaluation, the frequent iPad seems like you're having a complete flat-panel Note. And the Nexus 7 seems like you're having a item of nasty with a display attached on." -- TechCrunch's MG Siegler.
  • "The iPad Mini is the best Mini item you can buy. The query you'll have to response for yourself is whether it's that much better." -- Bloomberg's Wealthy Jaroslavsky.
  • "A item in a kind of one." -- TIME's David McCracken.
There you have it. A company case? Not really. A less costly way to take up your children on a lengthy car ride? Most likely.
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