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Summary: Your next PC? It just might be a Chromebook. 
Does this look like just a browser? Look again, it's actually the Chrome OS interface, which just happens to be the Chrome Web browser. If you can use a browser, this is one version of Linux you can use. 

You don't have to have a browser window open in Chrome OS though. To open a window from here you can either use a keyboard shortcut or click one of the icons on the lower left.

The right-most button displays your Chrome OS applications. These, as you'd expect, are the same Web applications you'd use in your Chrome Web browser.

Unlike earlier versions of Chrome OS, it's now easy to open multiple browser windows at once for those times you want to say quickly copy and paste between GMail and a Google document.

Here, for example, is an early start at this story in Google Docs. Spreadsheets, presentations, financial managment, contact management, and all the rest of the office software staples are available either from Google or other cloud software vendors. 

It's not all work though. You can also read e-books on Chrome OS via Google Play.
since Google Play Music will let you upload and keep up to 20,000 song onto the cloud for free you're not likely to run out of things to listen to anytime soon.

Chrome OS supports Netflix, Hulu, and Google Play video along with other online movie services. So, as Captain America flies off to victory, you'll have many entertaining movies and TV choices to play on your Chromebook. Enjoy!
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