Nokia's Lumia 920 Windows Phone Is An AT&T Exclusive

Summary: Nokia's first two Windows Phone 8 devices will be on AT&T this fall. But the higher-end flagship model, the Lumia 920 is an AT&T exclusive.

Given Htc has been quiet up to now about U.S. service provider offers, that's the best part about it. The bad information for those of us not on AT&T: The Lumia 920, the higher-end design, is an AT&T unique, as AT&T informed The Brink.

I think this shouldn't be all that amazing, given Htc released with AT&T as its leading associate with Ms windows Mobile cellphone 7.x in the U.S. and was said to be The lenders recommended release associate for Ms windows Mobile cellphone 8.

Still, given gossips that Verizon might also be providing the Lumia 920 together with the HTC 8X and 8S Ms windows Mobile phone gadgets, I was expecting that we  Verizon customers were going to have a resources of Ms windows Mobile phone gadgets from which to choose starting in Nov.

(For those who continue to ask me why I don't just change from Verizon, which hasn't been a Ms windows Mobile cellphone champ -- to say the least -- my reason is the Verizon information protection in New You are able to Town cannot be defeat. Locations where AT&T phones don't work are places where my Verizon cellphone still works just excellent. And this issues a lot to me.)

There's still a opportunity that Verizon may have a customized edition of the Lumia 920... a Lumia 92X or some such. But so far neither Htc nor Verizon has declared such a system. And if AT&T has a three-month unique on the 920 (something we don't know for sure, but some cellphone viewers are anticipating), that would mean none of the other U.S. providers will have a high-end Lumia system in time for holiday 2012.

The Lumia 920 will be available in a wide range of shades, such as the Lumia leading cyan azure (something Htc has been coy about to date). The 820 will be available in dark only.

Microsoft is scheduled to release Ms windows Mobile cellphone 8 on Oct 29. Ms windows Mobile cellphone 8 gadgets are required to begin delivery in early Nov across a number of providers globally. Htc, HTC and New samsung have taken the parcels off their Ms windows Mobile cellphone 8 gadgets already, though they've been unable/unwilling to allow real opinions of any of them, since Ms is trying to suppress on exposing so-far-officially-unannounced Ms windows Mobile cellphone 8 features.

There's still no term on costs for the Htc 920 or 820 on AT&T.

By the way, if you want to evaluate specifications across the so-far-announced Ms windows Mobile cellphone 8 gadgets, WPCentral has a useful information.

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