Core i7-3970X Details Leaked By Intel

Summary: Intel posted to its website -- and then hastily removed -- details of its upcoming Core i7-3970X Extreme processor. This six-core 3.5GHz silicon behemoth can be yours... for a hefty $1,000.

Details of Intel's future Primary i7-3970X Excessive processer have been launched by an unlikely resource.

CPU World identified the details about Intel's future leading processer on Intel's own web page. The specifications verified what had been said already -- that the i7-3970X will run at 3.5GHz and have 15MB of L3 storage cache. This creates it 200MHz quicker than the present leading i7-3960X processer, which can be yours for a small  $1,030.

The processer is depending on Intel's 32-nanometer "Sandy Bridge-E" structure. As opposed to other "Sandy Bridge" areas, "Sandy Bridge-E" areas do not function a GPU.

Shortly afterwards all records of the i7-3970X were eliminated from the web page.

Putting these details together with the other information that's been launched about the i7-3970X we get the following specifications sheet: 

This enhances the Primary i7-3940XM Cellular Excessive part, a $1,000+ 3GHz quad-core "Ivy Bridge" processer developed for laptops.

Given that the i7-3960X was launched a year ago, it is due for an upgrade, so I'd anticipate the i7-3970X to area in the next four-to-six several weeks. No costs details have been launched, but anticipate it to be in the area of $1,000 plus modify.
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