Samsung New Smartphones Look Like Older Ones, Get Over It

Summary: Newly announced and rumored smartphone hardware all look like basic incremental updates to existing hardware. I don't think this is really a bad thing and believe innovation comes in the software and what you can do with that hardware.

New Samsung declared the Note II and ATIV S the other day, we see gossips of new Htc Lumia gadgets and gossips of the new iPhone and all of these gadgets look basically the same as past designs with minor modifications. I see a lot of individuals weeping about this on Tweets, I have been known to squawk about it too, but genuinely what are individuals looking for in impressive smart phone design? Customers seem to choose huge touchscreen display gadgets and there is only so much you can do with a show, a frame, and a back again with a photographic camera. IMHO, the actual advancement and enjoyment comes from what the OS provides and how it creates your lifestyle better.

Of all the producers, I think Htc is getting the most impressive strategy by forcing photographic camera technological advancement and also creating thermoplastic gadgets in various shades. New Samsung has began including more shades to the Universe S III range as well and is searching for in their Android managing system application. HTC's One X is a very well developed system and I wish to see it used with their next Windows Cellular phone system. Yes, I do believe we will see an HTC Windows Cellular phone 8 system that looks just about like the One X so get over it. Cellular phone components is unlikely to modify much until factors such as power supply and show technological advancement make significant steps.

The said next iPhone looks to basically be a more time iPhone 4S and I sure wish The apple company has more up its sleave than that. Mark Area seemed to have the same concepts as me and published a very specific content on the said new iPhone and the style. I am actually counting on it as I am enthusiastic about trying out a new iPhone again, but I think it is going to take more than a more time show to get me to buy one. Android managing system and Windows Cellular phone are more interesting mobile techniques for me individually.

I am not a smart phone developer, but I am inquisitive to listen to if you visitors have concepts for enhancements in components. Are you pleased with minor components upgrades with new operating-system or do you want to see more?

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