Samsung: Galaxy S III Sales Hit 20 Million In 100 Days

Summary: 10 million Galaxy S III smartphones sold in one month isn't bad, but 20 million in just over three months is even better.

Samsung said its global sales of the recently-released Galaxy S III smartphone have hit the 20 million mark in just over three months.

The long-awaited mobile phones move out to the public was originally affected by setbacks and provide cycle issues. It released in European countries on May 29, but was only taken to the U.S. industry in mid-June after major providers organised back on promoting what few gadgets it had due to "manufacturer provide restrictions."

But New Samsung avoided the problems and handled to arrive at its 10 millions sales in September focus on set by New Samsung mobile business chief executive J.K. Leg, thanks to strong demand in European countries.

The cell phone's release was tactically timed to get a headstart on competing firms' own reports, especially Htc, Samsung, and Apple's next-generation iPhone, due to be declared in San Francisco on Sept 12.

(By comparison: The apple company is predicted to sell between 6 to 10 millions iPhone 5 mobile phones sold arrive at by the end of the first weeks time of its release, placed for mid-to-late Sept.)

Earlier this weeks time, experts said that they considered Sept was "the first month since the iPhone 4S released in Oct 2011 that it was not the top-selling smart phone in the U.S. industry," with The apple company giving up the U.S. top-selling smart phone top to New Samsung.

The Galaxy S III, known as as your BYOD next-best friend, it functions a slim and light spend, a high-definition AMOLED display, 4G social media, and Google Android operating system 4.0 'Ice Cream Food.'

In September, New Samsung declared it was integrating with security company AuthenTec to bring the company's exclusive private social media (VPN) technological innovation to its range of Galaxy gadgets. By developing AuthenTec's QuickSec VPN customer technological innovation, Galaxy mobile phones users will have protected access to business systems to inner records, functions and programs on the go.

Less than a couple weeks later, The apple company nabbed AuthenTec, a designer of finger marks receptors and identification management components, for $356 millions.
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