Mac OS X Overtakes Windows Vista In Global Market Share

Summary: Apple's slow but consistent progress -- getting Macs into more and more homes and businesses -- has finally nudged its worldwide market share to a point where it beats Microsoft's Windows Vista.

Information launched by web analytics firm Net Market Share for Aug reveals that globally use of Apple's Mac OS X platform has overtaken that of Mircosoft's Windows vista. At the same time, Windows seven has finally overtaken the aging Windows XP to become the major os.

Total globally utilization for Mac OS X for Aug was registered as 7.13 % -- which doesn't seem like much when compared to complete Windows use of 91.77 % -- but it perfectly beats the 6.15 % globally utilization discuss for Windows Windows vista.

The slowly loss of the Windows Windows vista utilization discuss, combined with the in the same way slowly increase in Mac OS X utilization, changed unavoidable. Windows Windows vista never obtained the extensive popularity -- either in the home or with enterprise customers -- that was seen by Windows XP and Windows seven. At the same time Apple has been creating slowly but consistent progress in getting Apples into more and more homes and businesses, selling some 4 million each and every quarter.

The data also reveals how quickly Apple's latest OS X launch -- OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion -- is being implemented by customers. In a little over a month -- OS X 10.8 was launched May 25 -- the 9th major launch of OS X already has a globally utilization discuss of 1.34 %, quickly closing in on 10.6 Snow Leopard with a discuss of 2.23 %, and 10.7 Lion with a 2.29 % discuss.

This rapid adopting is down to individuals improving existing Apples as opposed to individuals hurrying out to buy new systems.

Overall though, if we look at the problem, we're not seeing any evidence of any of the os players -- Windows, Mac or Linux system -- creating any significant land appeals to in terms of utilization discuss.  

NetMarketShare uses data captured from the 160 million unique visitors browsing some 40,000 web sites it monitors for its clients.

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