iPhone 5/iOS 6 Can Stop Advertisers Tracking You - If You Can Find The Off Switch

Summary: Hate the idea that advertisers can track iOS device usage and leverage this data to serve targeted ads? You can do something about it - but only if you can navigate complex maze that the iOS 6 Settings app has become and find the off switch.

I have a love/hate connection with Apple's iOS foundation, and with each launch version this sensitive stability is slightly moving more and more towards dislike.

It's not that I don't like iOS itself -- I still believe that it is the best cellular foundation available -- but I'm discovering that as The apple company contributes more functions to the OS, the Configurations individual interface is getting more and more complicated and populated. I keep in thoughts an occasion when it was simple to get around to what you desired, but now that iOS 6 is out, I'm sensation the need to don my In Jackson fedora, coat, and bullwhip whenever I go discovering the individual interface.

Take the new ad monitoring limiter presented in iOS 6. This function -- off by standard -- is intended to avoid promotion systems from monitoring iOS system utilization and utilizing this information to provide focused ads. Seems like a awesome function, and one that should be readily available, right?


Logically, I would have believed that this function would be situated in Configurations > Comfort. The Comfort area is, after all, new too, so it seemed a sensible place to put it.


The next place I seemed was Configurations > Common > Limitations.

Again, out of fortune.

Eventually I discovered this function. It's hidden in Configurations > Common > About > Advertising. And it's not readily available either, because if you don't search down to the end of the About display, you won't see it.

To change this function off, fall the change to the 'on' place.

Once allowed, ad systems will not have entry to the iDevice utilization information or the exclusive promotion identifier, both of which could be used to monitor a individual and provide focused ads. Keep in thoughts though that The apple company does not yet need that applications use the new promotion identifier, which indicates that some applications may well keep provide focused ads until The apple company creates this need compulsory.

This tip relates to the iOS 6 operating on iPhone, iPad and iPod contact gadgets.
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