Google Releases Tool To Bridge Back-Ends For iOS And Android Apps

Summary: The J2ObjC tool converts Android-friendly Java source code to Objective C, which is used to build iPhone and iPad apps. It can't be used as a shortcut to building iOS app user interfaces, though.

Google has released J2ObjC, a tool to make it easier for developers to write a common back-end for an app that can then be deployed across iOS, Android and the web.

The open-source device, which instantly transforms Coffee resource value into the Objective-C terminology that is used in local iPhone and iPad applications, was declared in a writing on Saturday. The J2ObjC venture web page describes that it is "currently between leader and try out quality", and versioned at 0.5 to indicate its preparedness.

The command-line device does not deal with the individual interface for applications — in the situation of iOS applications, the UI still needs to be published using Objective-C or Objective-C++.

"J2ObjC allows Coffee value to be aspect of an iOS application's develop, as no modifying of the produced information files is necessary," Google professional Tom Basketball said in the writing. "The objective is to create an application's non-UI value (such as information accessibility, or program logic) in Coffee, which can then be distributed by Android operating program applications, web applications (using GWT), and iOS."
Ball described that J2ObjC reinforced Coffee 6 and "most of its playback functions that are needed by client-side program designers, such as exclusions, inner and confidential sessions, general kinds, discussions and reflection", as well as JUnit analyze interpretation and performance.

The venture web page mentioned that some Google tasks already trusted J2ObjC, but it was still cart — partially because "every Coffee designer has a a little bit different way of using Java".

Developers seeking to use the device will need a Mac OS X program with Xcode 4 or greater, Coffee for OS X and Apache Expert.
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