10 Made-In-Asia Android Apps For Biz

Summary: Everyone is familiar with Dropbox and Evernote, but we spotlight 10 other Android apps workers will find useful in completing their business tasks. 
1. EasyMoney Expense Manager by Handy Apps (Singapore)
Price: Free

Essentially an expenditure tracker, this app helps employees keep track of their work-related bill payments, plan their budgets, and act as a checkbook register.
2. Jorte Calendar by Johospace (Japan)
Price: Free

A personal organizer and calendar app which features an interface designed to resemble and function like its paper counterpart. Important events can be displayed in red, calendar display styles can be changed, and syncing with Google Calendar means no more missed appointments.
3. ezPDF Reader by Unidocs (South Korea)
Price: US$1.09 for lite; US$3.10 for pro version

Mobile workers would appreciate the fact they can view and edit PDF documents on the fly, as well as play embedded multimedia content such as video and audio on their devices.
4. KakaoTalk by Kakao (South Korea)
Price: Free

An alternative to WhatsApp, this Internet Protocol-based (IP) app allows for unlimited voice calls and text messages, group chats with your colleagues, and the ability to share of multimedia content such as photos with project group members.

5. AutoSMS Smart by Kamal Nivas Balasubramanian (India)
Price: Free

Missed an important business call? With AutoSMS Smart, users can help manage the caller's expectations by them sending automated text messages. Specific instructions can be included such as having messages sent to only numbers included in your phonebook, and restricting the app from sending messages to international or landline numbers.

6. Handrite by NC Corp (China)
Price: Free for lite; US$3.05 for pro version

A note-taking app that lets you use your fingers to "write" on the screen, this is useful in situations when you need to scribble down notes in a hurry and finger-typing is too slow.
7. ES File Explorer File Manager by EStrongs (China)
Price: Free

This file and app management tool helps you organize all the files residing on your phone--from documents to pictures, music and videos--as well as manage apps by creating shortcuts, backups or even uninstalling them.
8. CamCard Lite Business Card Reader by IntSig (China)
Price: Free; US$4.99 for pro version
Handy as a business card reader and scanner, the app utilizes the smartphone's camera function to take a picture of a business card then saves the details in the address book.

9. History Eraser by InfoLife (China)
Price: Free; US$4.99 for pro version
A system optimization and privacy tool, History Eraser clears up storage and erases any activity history from one's browser and call logs to text messages and app caches.

10. King Kong Lock by King Kong Lock (China)
Price: Free
Customize your device's privacy settings with this app, which is especially important if there are sensitive work and personal data stored on it. You can lock apps, files, images, and even call logs, and choose various modes for unlocking them such as passwords or patterns.
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