Samsung's Apple Patent Loss: The Financial Hit Is Manageable

Summary: Should the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note---two products that Apple will ask a judge to ban from the U.S.---the fallout from Samsung's patent lawsuit defeat is likely to be minimal. 

New Samsung has been hit with a painful certain judge action beat at the hands of The Apple company, but supposing the gadgets massive can keep its Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note away from an injunction the economical hit is little.

In other terms, the fact a judge decided that New Samsung must pay at least $1.05 billion dollars in loss to The Apple company for infringing on three design patents isn't the hit it's represented to be. Even if Apple's gets three times that quantity in damages---something that is possible---Samsung has a few things going for it. A listening to September. 20 on whether Samsung's 25 designs should be prohibited from the U.S. is the next key product in this certain scrum.

Among experts, the Apple-Samsung result split down naturally based on what part of the earth they were on. For example, Morgan Stanley specialist Katy Huberty gushed about Apple's aggressive position and potential business profits. Analysts in Asia mentioned that New Samsung can climate the elements easily.

For now, there are a few key points to consider from the New Samsung part of the formula. To wit:

It's all about the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note. An injunction on Samsung's 25 designs outlined in the The Apple company judge action really wouldn't matter much. Why? The products aren't available on the industry and certainly don't have considerable amount. The Apple company will try and get an injunction on the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note . However, that move isn't a throw soak given that Samsung's S3 is different than the S2. Should The Apple company get an S3 injunction it'll successfully lock up most Android managing system devices in the U.S.

Should the S3 avoid an injunction, New Samsung is in good economical shape. Deutsche Financial institution specialist Seunghoon Han said:

We remember that the smartphones topic to the judge judgment are older designs and not the leading designs (Galaxy S3/Galaxy Note) that New Samsung is currently promoting in the U.S. industry, and consequently may only have restricted effect on New Samsung mobile mobile phones sales in the US in 2H12. We believe the longer-term effect may be restricted as New Samsung has already been re-designing mobile mobile phones since The Apple company registered its certain statements in Apr 2011.

The U.S. is big, but not everything to Samsung's profit power. The U.S. records for 20 % of Samsung's sensible phone deliveries. If all New Samsung gadgets were quit out of the U.S.---unlikely---the toughest is 20 % business disappears. That hit would harm, but dropping to The Apple company in European nations and Chinese suppliers would be far more intense. Barclays specialist SC Bae said in a research note:

If New Samsung were to lose its EU and Chinese suppliers marketplaces, the effect would be crucial. We believe that the U.S. judgment may effect adversely on the continuous legal cases in other areas to some degree; however, the scale of the effect won't be considerable given the issue of the passions. For example, Chinese suppliers, Asia and Taiwan have a number of sensible phone producers that could be straight suffering from caused by the judge action. Other areas, such as the EU, might have more fairly neutral roles than China. However, we believe they might also consider the point that Apple's win would result in the blowing up of sensible phone prices. We believe the initial results from the Japoneses judge, which will be provided on 31 Aug, will give an early signal for the relax of the legal cases.

Future royalties may be little. Bae mentioned that New Samsung is likely to run around most The Apple company patents except for Apple's touch to zoom capability certain. New Samsung would have to pay royalties on that one.

Samsung could damage Apple's provide cycle. The Apple-Samsung connection is very complicated. The Apple company is Samsung's biggest clients. Here's the provide cycle moving parts via Bae:
  • Apple's element buys from New Samsung don't quantity to more than 5 % of the Japoneses giant's managing benefit.
  • Apple, however, is determined by New Samsung for storage and displays.
  • Should New Samsung tell The Apple company to take a increase, Apple's discussing energy won't be as powerful.
Samsung's product can restore and may enhance outside the U.S. To the world, The Apple company clearly had home-field advantage in the U.S. judge action. New Samsung may look better outside the U.S. Travel overseas and you observe that New Samsung gadgets are everywhere.

Appeals will wait any benefit hit. : The Apple company was granted less than the $2.5 billion dollars it desired. There are already justifications preparing that the judge was off.

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