Samsung ARMs Itself With Windows 8 ATIV Tab

Summary: Samsung's first Windows RT tablet is thin, light and potentially a good start for this new class of Windows computer.
Samsung's first Windows RT tablet, the ATIV Tab, looks much like any other Samsung tablet.
That's not a criticism — if anything, it is a reminder that the ARM-based version of Windows will be competing head-to-head with Android machines and the iPad.
ATIV is Samsung's new brand for all things Windows, taking in Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone devices.

The Ativ Tab is impressively thin, as can be seen from the relative size of the headphone port.
The device is 8.9mm thick and weighs 570g. Samsung is pitching it at road warriors.

This is a sight we are going to have to get used to: a full-sized USB port on an ARM-based tablet.
Again, this is an indicator of the bringing-together of the Windows and mobile worlds.

For those who still want Intel beefiness inside their Windows 8 tablets, Samsung has also unveiled a new line of ATIV Smart PCs.
These are tablets that can dock with a keyboard for an ultrabook-like experience.

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