Windows 8 Cloud-Based Gaming Coming Via Agawi

We have seen cloud-based game playing systems take its share of mounds lately, thanks mostly to the recent reorientating of the OnLive assistance. This week, another organization called Agawi declared plans to provide loading PC games via a collaboration with Ms.

The organization's news launch declares that they will be using Windows Ms windows Pink cloud-based solutions to provide loading PC games to Ms windows 8 devices. The organization will provide activity designers and marketers a way to flow games to a Ms windows 8 "Modern" app. The kind of games that will support the assistance will range from small informal headings to more serious PC games.

TechCrunch mentioned with Agawi's CEO Chris Relan who said they plan to avoid some of the issues that OnLive experienced. For one thing, using Ms windows Pink as their hosting server coordinator means that they won't have to purchase and set up their own loading activity solutions, as OnLive did. Another difference is that Agawi won't straight provide loading PC games to Ms windows 8 users. Instead, they will simply provide their technology for other designers and marketers to use.

Agawi also seems to know the current restrictions of loading PC games. Relan says that they won't provide games that have high system specifications, such as the more complicated first person photographers, on their assistance.
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