Samsung / Apple Verdict : The Aftermath

Summary: The jury handed a near unanimous victory to Apple in the patent infringement case against Samsung that was decided today. The verdict has ramifications for Apple, Samsung, and all Android device makers.

In the certain violation test between New Samsung and Apple company, the assess these days passed a amazing success to Apple company. The assess discovered that New Samsung had not only infringed on Apple's style and UI enhancements, but had done so "wilfully". The near individual option in Apple's benefit has far-reaching consequences for the Android operating system smart phone world.

Apple had stated in assess that New Samsung had duplicated its style with most of its Android operating system products, both mobile phones and pills. It included that New Samsung had also infringed on particular UI components that created the New Samsung items better, thus affecting Apple's iPhone/iPad revenue. The assess decided with Apple company and passed it a $1.05 billion dollars prize for loss.

It's not likely but the discovering that New Samsung had wilfully duplicated Apple's items indicates the assess has the option to improve the loss up to multiple the amount granted by the assess. That would almost certainly be become a huge hit by New Samsung if that occurred. Of course, the judgment is going to be become a huge hit anyway.

I wasn't in the trial for the test so I can't thoughts on the rightness nor wrongness of this option. I have formerly created my place obvious that I don't believe "features" should be eligible for a patents, but that's not the problem here. The certain system, which I believe is damaged, is what it is and we have to remain with it. That creates New Samsung a bad guy now that this judgment has been provided in assess.

CNET has a malfunction on the patents decided to be wilfully infringed by New Samsung. They generally period two areas: components style and UI functions. The components violation judgment creates it obvious the assess discovered that most of Samsung's smart phone and item range was duplicated from Apple's.

I individually would never error a New Samsung mobile cellphone or item for an iPhone or iPad, but that's not the problem. The assess discovered that they are sufficently as well to cause damage to Apple company, so that's the way it is. I can condition that of all the Android operating system gadgets I have used/seen that Samsung's are more as well those of Apple's than other organizations.

It may not be a chance that Android operating system gadgets that are the most like Apple's are also the most effective in the market. New Samsung offers far more mobile phones and pills than other OEMs making Android operating system gadgets, and perhaps it validates Apple's style. Other providers promoting gadgets much different in style than Apple's aren't doing so well, so maybe there's a situation to be created for what offers and what doesn't.

The components style judgment only impacts New Samsung but the UI function certain violation may be appropriate to all of Android operating system. As CNET factors out, the three considerable UI patents decided to be infringed are:

'381 patent
  • rubberband impact when scrolling to base of page
  • pulling documents
  • pinch/zoom
  • twist/rotate
'915 patent
  • Identifying between a single-touch search and a multi-touch activity (pinch/zoom)
'163 patent
  • Double-tap the display to zoom capability in or middle a website, picture, etc.
These UI functions are existing all through Android operating system, so either Google  must battle these independently or get rid of them later on variations. That would create the OS less attractive, seriously, as these components are ones I use regularly. The point that they have now been decided by a US assess to "belong" to iOS is a big strike to Android operating system. It's likely this will have to be resolved, and soon.

Samsung is going to have to modify its mobile cellphone and item styles going ahead, or danger further law suit. Apple company now has a considerable judgment in its wallet so its likely going to get even more competitive later on. New Samsung now has that "wilfull copier" brand which won't do it any prefers in other courtrooms.

Major style changes will be a danger to Samsung's upcoming items. As said before, few Android operating system gadgets have been effective as opposed to Universe range of items, so difference will be dangerous. New Samsung really has no option but to create a considerable modify if it wants to remain out of assess.

Even if New Samsung changes its components style, those Android operating system UI functions that have been decided infringing must go. That places New Samsung subject to Google  to create those changes quickly, and substitute them with similarly powerful performance.

If I was an professional at New Samsung I would be looking at Ms windows Phone for upcoming items. New Samsung is already on panel with Ms windows 8 going ahead, so maybe it's time to change to Ms windows Phone. Apple company has a cope with Ms for Ms windows Phone, so OEMs using that foundation are without danger from Apple's lawful group. Well, as long as they don't duplicate Apple's mobile phones.

A change to the Ms windows Phone foundation would not be without danger to New Samsung, but the company has to modify its components anyway. It's value a journey from The philipines to Redmond to engage in.

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