Report : BlackBerry 10 'Incompatible' With Existing BES Servers

Summary: RIM will cease development of the current version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) to make room for BlackBerry 10 devices. Why? Because the two don't don't click.

RIM is developing a new version of its BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) for BlackBerry 10 devices because the existing offering is incompatible with the next-generation platform.

 According to a BGR review, it's why the New york, Canada-based company's did not consist of e-mail and BlackBerry Courier assistance at the release of the BlackBerry PlayBook system -- because the QNX-based os couldn't connect with RIM's present hosting server facilities.

According to the review, RIM will stop growth on the present BES hosting server, edition 5.0.3, but will problem protection areas for "well into the long run," according to a RIM representative. BES hosting server edition 5.0.4 will be suitable with BlackBerry 10 gadgets only.

The kicker? If you're operating Java-based gadgets -- such as BlackBerry 7 gadgets or mature -- and BlackBerry 10 gadgets that run the new QNX-based foundation, your business system will have to maintain a heritage BES 5.0.3 hosting server as well as a more recent BES 5.0.4 hosting server.

It's a shift that could improve facilities expenses in the long run because mature BlackBerry editions will have to stay on the heritage BES hosting server while more recent gadgets will have to be installed to the more recent BES edition.

The new BlackBerry 10-compatible BES hosting server, codenamed "NG" for 'next-generation,' will consist of Cellular Combination and assistance for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

RIM currently has 78 thousand clients in complete around the world that use the individual motivated BlackBerry Internet Assistance (BIS). Government authorities, companies and companies -- less sized percentage -- keep use BES for protected interaction and texting, connections and schedule synchronization, and other business uses.

RIM did not thoughts at the time of composing, but concerns were remaining with the company. We'll upgrade the publish if we listen to back.
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