New Keyboard, Touch Pad From Synaptics Will Make Ultrabooks Even Slimmer

Summary: The ForcePad and ThinTouch keyboard are 40-percent thinner than current laptop versions.

When it comes to notebooks, thin is always in, especially for Ultrabook producers trying their best to out-slim the MacBook Air. To help them cut off inches wide and oz. from their notebooks, Synaptics is driving to the save with a new key pad and known as that are even skinnier than those formerly available.

The company statements that both the ForcePad and the ThinTouch key pad are 40-percent slimmer than the traditional designs already in use. A heir to past years of Synaptics TouchPads, the ForcePad uses no control buttons, depending instead on "multi-finger, varying stress recognition." Particularly, it can identify up to five fingertips for multi-touch actions that are a key part of Windows 8. Synaptics says the deficiency of control buttons can help provide more room for Ultrabook power supply and chilling potential.

ThinTouch is recognized as the "[w]orld’s slimest contact type-able keyboard" that also provides producers with additional backlighting and changing abilities. It also guarantees personalized feel for manufacturers, so Ultrabook OEMs can distinguish their notebooks with a exclusive key pad experience.

While the new feedback gadgets won't get customers' minds and hearts rushing, they should help Ultrabook producers make more powerful designs. And that can only benefit customers as Apple is constantly on the force its foundation as the long run of laptops.

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