Microsoft Plans To Sell 3 Million Surface Tablets In 2012. Too Few Or Too Many?

Summary: An IDC analyst says the production target means the slates won't only be sold in Microsoft retail stores.
IDC specialist Bob O'Donnell lately told our sibling site CNET that Ms is getting ready to generate 3 thousand Area pills -- mainly the Area RT taste operated by ARM snacks, due on Oct 26, and not the Intel-based Microsoft windows 8 Area edition, due a few months later -- by the end of the year. Is that variety unrealistic or too conservative?

While 3 thousand seems like a significant focus on, it may actually be low-balling demand a bit. In an appointment with Wired journal, Forrester specialist Debbie Rotman Epps points out that Amazon marketed nearly 5 thousand Amazon kindle Shoots at the end of 2011. In evaluation, Apple revealed 17 thousand iPads were marketed in its 2012 third one fourth.

Epps informs Wired that this may be a case of Ms intentionally under-promising, though it may also factor in that Microsoft windows 8 pills will be marketed by other producers. While they may not be satisfied that they are aggressive with Ms, a variety of famous labels like Dell, Lenovo, and New samsung plan to develop Microsoft windows 8 pills in various tastes.

O'Donnell is doubtful that Ms will wind up promoting the Area RT at an eye-popping $199 price -- though he says the organization could do that via registration fees a la its recent Console marketing -- but he does believe that the 3 thousand development focus on means one crucial thing. That amount is far too great for the organization to sell just through the several Ms retail store stores: "You cannot develop that many products without having a much broader submission strategy." (Then again, Google has done well promoting most of its Nexus 7 pills through its web store.)

In addition to the Nexus, Windows new Area RT pills will be releasing around the same time that new Amazon kindle Shoots and a small iPad could be available. While those are smaller sized slates, they will take some focus away from the Area first appearance -- what appear to be traditional development numbers may indicate the ultra-competitive product market Ms is getting into.

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