12 Good Entertainment Apps For The Nexus 7 Tablet

Summary: The Nexus 7 is now in the hands of a lot of folks who have never owned an Android tablet before based on the correspondence I receive. Tablets like the Nexus 7 are great for entertainment activities, and these apps are the ones I use most.

Netflix customers will find this app a great way to find new shows to watch. The search capability is excellent, as is the ability to control the Netflix Instant Queue.
Free (Netflix account required)
Amazon MP3
If you have an Amazon MP3 account you must get this app. You can stream music from your Amazon Cloud Drive to save storage space on the Nexus 7, or download some tunes locally.
Locally stored music can be played without a network connection, so I while I usually stream music I can always listen to favorite albums without a network.
Free (Amazon Cloud Drive account required)
The Pandora service has been around for a long time, and I've been enjoying it for years.
This app allows streaming Pandora music on the Nexus 7, with full control over your stored stations.
If you have a Sonos sound system in your home you must get this app. It provides complete control over your system and the music you play with your Sonos setup.
I almost always have my Sonos playing, and run it with ease from my Nexus 7 with this app.
Free (Sonos system required)
If you are a DirecTV subscriber, grab this app and you'll have a full TV guide in your hands.
The app is basic but is good for seeing what is on and the search function helps you find that particular show.
The app lacks a remote control feature for your DirecTV system, but the next app in the list steps in for that function.
DirecTV Remote Pro
This app is a fully functioning remote control for your DirecTV system. It duplicates the hardware remote control, and provides all the functions of the real remote.
Never again do you have to put the Nexus 7 down to grab the TV remote.
If you listen to podcasts this app is a great way to do it on the Nexus 7. You can control your podcast subscriptions, find new podcasts, and listen to downloaded episodes.

Google Play Music
If you buy music from the Google Play Store, this app is a great way to listen to it.
It streams music stored in the Google Cloud, and also plays music stored locally on the Nexus 7.
It is integrated in the Nexus 7 lock screen, so you can play/pause music without unlocking the tablet.

TuneIn Radio Pro
This app streams radio stations from all over the world right to your Nexus 7. You can find stations by genre, country, artists, etc.
The local station feature uses your current location to give you a list of radio stations for streaming.
Stations can be saved as favorites for instant access.

FriendCaster Pro
If you use Facebook you must get this app. FriendCaster uses the Nexus 7 screen better than the Facebook app, and turns Facebook into a very entertaining pastime.
FriendCaster Pro may be the best Facebook app on any platform.

Reading ebooks is a natural fit for the Nexus 7, and the Kindle app takes full advantage of it.
The app provides full access to the Kindle library, and is configurable to provide the reading experience preferred.

If you like YouTube you will like this app. Everything you can do on the web with YouTube you can do with this app.
The video playback is outstanding on the Nexus 7 screen.
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