HP Launches Three Network And Storage Virtualization Products

Summary: It is clear from this product launch that HP is one of a very small list of suppliers that fully understands and has the ability to address the use of all forms of virtualization technology.
 HP released three new items focusing on virtualized surroundings, such as HP Ethernet Exclusive Interconnect (EVI), HP Multitenant System Perspective (MDC) and the HP StoreVirtual virtual storage space equipment (VSA). The organization seems to be focusing on the complexness that occurs when virtual workloads must be able to be shifted from information middle to information middle.
Here is what HP had to say about its announcement

In heritage infrastructures, going a VM amount of work such as a Microsoft® Return program between information facilities needs thousands of complicated, guide device-level settings actions. Data versatility is in the same way complicated because storage space needs a actual implementation that takes in floor area, power, chilling and facilities financial commitment, which hair customers into a exclusive atmosphere.

New HP Incorporated Infrastructure alternatives help to remove these issues, providing improved nimbleness and simplicity:
  • HP Ethernet Exclusive Interconnect (EVI) is the industry’s first remedy to easily simplify and speed the interconnectivity of up to eight geographically spread information facilities in minutes, removing guide settings projects.
  • HP Multitenant System Perspective (MDC) program provides improved security for multitenant reasoning programs, removing the comingling of information from different programs or divisions.
  • HP StoreVirtual virtual storage space equipment (VSA) improves versatility by enabling customers to easily build storage space regularly on any x86 hosting server using VMware vSphere® or Windows® Server Hyper-V hypervisors. As a result, customers can shift information across heterogeneous hosts, hypervisors and information middle places to better fulfill organization needs, while decreasing overall price and complexness.
Here's what HP claims
HP EVI is the industry’s only Data Center Interconnect overlay technological innovation that allows “single touch” relationship of up to eight information facilities around the world from one location. Clients can boost hosting server and storage space sources to execute amount of work versatility or catastrophe restoration by linking the program in HP EVI from one information middle to another.

HP StoreVirtual VSA is the first software-based virtual storage space equipment to function on any x86 hosting server, while linking to a range of third-party exterior storage space alternatives and assisting a mix of VMware vSphere and Microsoft windows Server Hyper-V hypervisors at the same time. This heterogeneous, hardware-agnostic remedy for providing distributed storage space in virtualized surroundings removes source lock-in, decreases facilities price  and improves usage without additional financial commitment.
Snapshot analysis

HP is one of the few providers that has the ability to cope with nearly every classification in the Kusnetzky Team Design of Virtualization. (See Selecting out the different levels of virtualization for more information on the model).  The items released in this statement illustrate that the organization is aware of that technological innovation from all levels of the model must be used together to create the best atmosphere for modern company crucial workloads.

The three items released in this statement, HP EVI, HP MDC, and HP VSA cope with the needs to create systems and storage space as nimble as virtual workloads. HP, however, is not alone in dealing with these needs.

HP clearly is aware of that workloads need to be nimble. This means that:
  • Control resources must be available to observe using all IT resources
  • Orchestration program must be available to be able to shift workloads from one actual coordinator to another to 1) fulfill company goals, 2) fulfill service stage goals and, of course, 3) cope with slowly downs or breakdowns.
  • Application virtualization technological innovation must be available to back up a higher stage of scalability and reliability
  • Handling virtualization technological innovation must be able to create it possible many workloads to discuss just one actual coordinator or to create it possible for many actual serves to back up just one workload
  • System virtualization must be available to create marketing and sales communications simple, protected and execute up to the objectives of the organization
  • Storage virtualization technological innovation must be available to allow the organization to create the most maximum use of available storage space sources without having to cope with the complexness of giving LUNs or personally going data files from one device to another to boost performance
HP's new items, along with the rest of the organization's virtualization and management profile allows it to cope with business needs that only a few others can cope with. Although this isn't a thorough list, only IBM, Ms, Oracle and a very few others can cope with all of the needs HP details.
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