Apple vs Samsung Timeline: The Guide To What's Happening

Summary: Legal jargon aside, what is actually going on in the high-profile Apple v. Samsung case, and how did it start? Let's take a look at the timeline. 

The high-profile battle between technology giants Apple and Samsung has managed to cross not only country borders, but probably the comprehension of many trying to follow the trial, which is taking place in San Jose, Calif.

So, without further ado and in bite-size portions, here is a rundown of the trial's events thus far, all the way from the beginning:

Key Facts :
  • In the unique court action registered by The apple company against New Samsung in Apr 2011, the former mentioned that the South-Korean company had cut off the technological innovation and style of The apple company items.
  • The actual conditions used? The apple company claims that New Samsung "slavishly" duplicated its designs.
  • In response, New Samsung counter-sued, saying that The apple company had infringed a number of patents to do with 3G.
  • Hitting the ball back, The apple company then pressed on, declaring New Samsung duplicated the "look and feel" of the The apple company iOS range of gadgets, namely the Universe range of mobile phones and pills.
  • The court action has spread to over 30 judges across four major regions, and after discussions failed, arrived in front of a assess for the true series in September 2012.
  • The apple company is looking for $2.5 billion dollars in loss, and New Samsung is also looking for financial restitution.
The Timeline :

July 2011 :

Apple charged New Samsung for certain violation, namely through items such as the New Samsung Universe Tab 10.1. New Samsung then counter-sued over 3G patents, which are owned by the company. New Samsung says that the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPad 2 infringe these patents.

August 2011 :

Samsung's Universe 10.1 product was put on hold in Modern australia after an ip and trade practises hearing. The apple company Modern australia obtained the U.S. version of the Universe Tab 10.1, analyzed it, registered a court action, and stated ip right violation based on the style of the iPad.

The situation The apple company bought against New Samsung was quick -- and effective.

The two smart phone and product leaders then hit a deal. New Samsung decided to limit the revenue of its Universe Tab product in Modern australia and would also give The apple company example gadgets and source code of gadgets that obvious surpassed the range for research -- and acceptance.

However, it did not end there. The apple company then won a success in a In in german assess, obtaining a initial (i.e. temporary) injunction against the purchase of the Universe Tab 10.1 throughout the Western Nation, excluding the Holland. This took immediate effect in Malaysia.

Was that it? Not at all. In the same breath, scientists charged The apple company of changing pictures of Samsung's product, which were then presented to the Düsseldorf assess who provided the unique injunction. Afterwards, the assess stated he also managed the pills and did not rely simply on the supplied pictures.

In addition, New Samsung registered an emergency issue that the In in german assess overstepped the mark in trying to encourage a ban on revenue in other EU nations. As a result, the judgment was put across the EU -- except for in Malaysia.

Basically, The apple company believed that the 10.1-inch version -- the American type -- of the Universe Tab looked far too just like the iPad, and tried to avoid its purchase. Not only this, but The apple company claimed that New Samsung had breached several of its patents, such as "slide to unlock" and "edge-bump" functions.

September 2011 :

The new Universe Tab 7.7 was next to fall afoul of the In in german judges, being prohibited by a assess injunction, and was unable to be presented at one of the biggest technological innovation shows in Germany, the IFA gadgets show.

Meanwhile, in Modern australia, New Samsung set about counter-suing The apple company after postponing the Universe Tab 10.1 release down under. The claim was registered with the Federal Court of Modern australia in New Southern Wales, and mentioned that The apple company infringed seven Australia patents related to 3G social media on its third- and fourth-generation iPhones and iPad 2 gadgets.

So far: The apple company says Samsung's product intrudes style patents, and New Samsung says that iPhones and iPads infringe 3G patents.

Samsung's move seemed to go against its unique agreement to grant The apple company samples of the product for research, and to limit revenue. In reprisal, the company also collected its military to sue The apple company to avoid the iPhone 5 making its way to Southern South korea, taking its situation to assess on 16 Sept.

The seven patents that The apple company supposedly infringed upon through its iDevices were for methods of information indication, deciphering, power control and mobile information control. Not only this, but New Samsung required that The apple company drop its issue in Australia assess.

These patents are what is known as 'standards-essential patents' -- in other words, 3G will not work without the technological innovation. New Samsung is needed therefore to certificate them under affordable, non-discriminatory and fair measures -- what are known as FRAND conditions.

However, if New Samsung is needed to certificate the patents that The apple company supposedly infringed, what happened to the licensing? The apple company said that the conditions were "not reasonable" and differed from other third-party providers.

Up to this moment in our schedule, The apple company also registered other identical claims in nations such as Asia, the UK and Portugal.

October 2011 :

The Australia ban on the Universe Tab continues, and the two sides continue to squabble. Reports mentioned that the assess on the sides with The apple company on two of the patents New Samsung supposedly infringed. 
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