Kaspersky Lab introduces Kaspersky Pure 2.0

Kaspersky Lab released the Kaspersky Genuine 2.0 edition for house customers today, which packages in password-security-related functions, secured sheild abilities, secured containers and back-up and adult management. As per an formal declaration from the organization, Kaspersky Genuine 2.0 edition is simple to use and allows customers to centrally handle the security of every PC in their house from just one PC.

The organization further statements that the Kaspersky Genuine 2.0 provides better security against viruses, spyware, Trojan's, trash, online hackers, earthworms, key loggers, rootkits, crawlers, programs, phishing and more. Kaspersky Lab contributes that the application instantly up-dates itself and does not take up pc sources. Moreover to the traditional signature-based techniques of risk recognition, Kaspersky Lab contributes that the latest reasoning technologies and practical  security techniques are applied to deliver a faster, more effective response to today's current complex, ever-evolving threats

Kaspersky Genuine 2.0 edition comes with enhanced Secure Run operate, which is an separated exclusive environment in which customers can launch dubious applications and visit unknown websites to check them over before running/opening them on their pc. System Viewer is a technological innovation that closely watches the behavior of applications that are already operating on something. If software works a harmful action, then System Viewer turns it down and the changes created to it are combined returning. This operate has been enhanced to be able to roll returning changes created even during a previous session.

As per the formal declaration, Kaspersky Genuine 2.0 uses a new Data file Consultant technological innovation to evaluate the security of data before it is run. Information about the activity of applications operating on users’ computers is fed to the cloud- centered Kaspersky Security System where facts are examined and matched against the standing of these applications. If software does something dubious to suggest it is harmful, its behavior pattern is added to Kaspersky Lab’s anti-virus information source. This allows other harmful applications with similar behavior to be clogged.

The application also comes with a URL Consultant. Built into browser tool bars, it banners links to contaminated or bogus (phishing) sources using a color signal within listings. To receive more information regarding a specific web page, just place the pointer over the colored signal.

The Kaspersky Genuine 2.0 comes with Data Administrator, using which one can create strong security account details, shop them securely and also handle them. Users can access their password information source using a master password, a USB or Wireless device or a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone.

Password Administrator supports several accounts, meaning each individual of an individual PC can have his/her own password information source.

The formal declaration further statements that it can generate protected, unique security account details to provide better security and instantly get into them into one's account logins; it can also get into security account details directly into Windows applications via the Data Administrator Button ideally included at the top of applications’ windows. And it can help one locate unsecured security account details in internet explorer and transfer them to its own secured information source.

Safe Net feature lets customers securely shop personal notes containing private information, such as PIN requirements for SIM cards, application initial requirements, ticket details, bank card numbers etc., along with logins and security account details.

Virtual Key pad is an on-screen keyboard that you use with a mouse. It ensures logins, security account details, bank card details and other private information can be securely joined into web pages without the use of a standard keyboard. This stops information being intercepted by harmful applications that can indentify it by taking screenshots or recording key strokes created on a physical keyboard.

The application comes with information back-up and recover, allowing you to direct any disk generate, detachable medium, FTP server or other network storage to shop scheduled password-protected duplicates of all your stored information as insurance against pc accidents, disk generate failure etc., statements Kaspersky. This has been enhanced with set groups to make support up whole groups of files (“all music files”, “all video files” etc.) easier, wherever they may reside on the pc.

Mr. Jagannath Patnaik, Movie director - Route Sales - Kaspersky Lab - South Asia said, “It is becoming common for people to have more than one pc.  Home customers are looking for simple to management  yet comprehensive security solution for their Household PCs. Understanding the unique requirement of Indian house customers,  we have packed Kaspersky 2.0 with innovative technological innovation (hybrid approach to digital security), password-security-related functions, secured sheild abilities, protected containers and back-up, and Parent Control that provides maximum security for all family PCs. Kaspersky 2.0 comes with the simple to use tool whereby you can centrally handle the security of every PC at his house from just one PC - simplifying the security management part.”

Kaspersky Genuine 2.0 is available in 1, 3 and 5 individual pack. Kaspersky Genuine 2.0 is available on Kaspersky Lab’s web page www.kaspersky.co.in and on Sakri IT Solutions Private Ltd. - National Supplier for Consumer Products web page www.sakri.in. It will also be available in IT retail stores in Pan-India. Existing Kaspersky Genuine customers can update to Kaspersky Genuine 2.0.
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