Jelly Bean Hits the OG Transformer

As of late, we have seen how Jam Veggie has designed throughout XDA onto almost every program that has any type of development going for it. Since the source was released by Look for applications, AOSP makes have been managing rampart throughout the web page, such as organizations CM10 and a few other “directly from source” type of projects. Tablets have also been getting quite a few port machine games as of late, and one of the expected ones to get something going soon was the exclusive Asus Transformer (TF101). Thanks to the fast improve in development that has kept this item in its wonder, it receoved not one, or two, but three port machine games, coming back to coming back.

XDA Team Individual rayman33 was the first one to release a port of the new Operating program charming treat. His AOSP rom is a finish make which features mostly everything you could ask for on your tab (camera, GPS, Wifi, youtube. com. com in 720p, and much more). Rayman33′s ROM actually uses a self designed kernel that allows clients to overclock their devices to 1.6 GHz, and offers a few other promotions propagate throughout. Meanwhile, XDA Determined Designer rayman was preparing a CM10 rom of his own, which engaged almost all the same performance (minus the kernel, of course). Phrase of suggest, offering rayman33′s kernel on a CM10 make will likely offer your wireless worthless due to a different car proprietor being used by rayman. And last but not least, XDA Determined Developers teameos finally released their well known EOS*3 AOSP rom. They have also released one for the Samsung motorola xoom  a brief while ago, so having one for the Transformer was a sensible stage.

All makes remain up to the name Project Butter thanks to their smooth UI performance. However,  one aspect that does not have on all makes is finish hook up support. Bunny, key pad, and SD card are identified by the program. However the second energy does not. Furthermore, all the makes seem to have “sleep issues,” as the tab’s energy will stress instantly, even under no activity. And last but not least, the eye-catching signal that allows your tab to know when it is began out or close (when docked) does not seem to be managing either. You have got to keep in ideas that they are in head situation, so bugs are to be expected. Still, regards to all the devs for these awesome makes.

On another front part side, it seems that Asus Malaysia has officially announced that the TF101 and the Slider will get the JB upgrade after all. It was originally announced by Asus that the JB upgrade would go as far coming back as the Fantastic (TF201), but now it seems that the TF101 was allowed to acquire the upgrade after all. What this means is that, hopefully before later, those who choose the stock Asus look, will have something else to look forward to when looking for roms to show.

Please try out these makes, and make sure that you evaluation on their actions to the devs in their suggested techniques (via logcat, on their issue trackers, etc). Fulfilled flashing!

     What works :

        * Operating program 4.1.1 system
        * UI elements (EasterEgg when reaching on the version wide range does execute, too)
        * Launcher is buttery smooth !
        * Stay wallpapers
        * Bluetooth
        * adb push/pull/…commands
        * Overclock up to 1.6 GHZ continuous (included Stability Kernel modded for JellyBean)
        * Selection App
        * Key pad Vessel docking position (once docked, it will let you choose your language)
        * Lockscreen
        * Rotating (no blackscreen!)
        * WiFi [#2]
        * Sound [#2]
        * GPS [#2]
        * System Place support [#2]
        * Look for applications Conversation Look for (perfect speech processing) [#2]
        * OMX [#2]
        * Photo photographic camera [#2]
        * Youtube (720p), Smash hit on the internet — due to OMX [#2]

You can find out rayman33′s make here, Team EOS’s make here, and rayman’s CM10 here. Last but not least, analysis about the declaration from Asus in this range.
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