Immersive Explorer For Windows 8

Get into Immersive Traveler. This system, created by link8506, is an substitute to Traveler in Ms windows 8, so it doesn't substitute it and it doesn't even require management privileges to use. Oh, it also works in Ms windows seven.
Metro. Love or dislike it, it's going to send with Ms windows 8, and even though you aren't pressured into the surroundings if you use modify programs such as Start8 (which allows you to start straight to the desktop) there are others that welcome it on their contact centered gadgets, and for all the upgrades made to Ms windows Traveler, such as the addition of the lace which makes it much simpler for product customers to to control information, it isn't quite that good for putting the blame.

Where Ms windows 8 does not have City style computer file management, this system comes up with the products. Ms, are you taking notes?

Description :

Immersive Traveler is designed to provide an "immersive" encounter to the individual by concentrating on the content rather than concealing it behind ineffective symbols and large screen firefox and boundaries. It will also avoid the individual from having to open different programs and get around between several windows when doing things as simple as watching images.

For example, when the individual wants to see images, instead of starting Ms windows Image Audience in a new screen, the photo will be shown straight in the Immersive Traveler screen.

Although it's not a Ms windows 8 "Metro application", it is designed around the "Metro" user interface recommendations. It will be optimized for touch-screens, but will offer a great encounter for pc customers too (with features like scroll-to-zoom and key pad navigation).

Immersive Traveler is depending on Win32/.net/WPF (Windows Demonstration Foundation). It uses visual components speeding to show liquid animated graphics and changes, making it look more modern than the standard GDI-based Ms windows computer file explorer. Note that it is not a complete replace the Ms windows Spend (it's just an substitute to Ms windows Explorer) and it won't even need management privileges to be set up.

As it is not depending on WinRT, unfortunately it means that it won't perform on Ms windows RT gadgets (but it works on Ms windows 8 pills like Area Pro).
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