Samsung Says That Apple Stole iPhone Design From Sony

Now, in a legal brief lately registered in the legal courts, New samsung statements that Apple company took many design choices that the iPhone uses from other organizations, namely Panasonic, Hand, and Htc. According to the brief, an Apple company professional found a news article in which Panasonic mentioned making a simple mobile cellphone that eliminated most of the physical control buttons and revealed it to Bob Tasks and others. Soon thereafter, Apple company developer Leg Nishibori created a CAD design of a mobile cellphone that even involved the Panasonic company logo.

Samsung’s brief also points out that Apple company knows that they were not the first to market with many of their enhancements. In fact, Apple company even denied a advertising strategy offering all of Apple’s “firsts,” because the company just didn't create anything first but rather duplicated factors from other organizations.

    When Apple company was creating its strategy to market the first iPhone, it considered – and denied – advertising that recognized claimed Apple company ―firsts‖ with the iPhone. As one Apple company worker told an far too modern Apple company professional, ―I don‘t know how many factors we can come up with that you can properly declare we did first. Certainly we have the first successful variations of many functions, but that is different than releasing something to market first. In this line of thinking, the worker systematically described that Hand, Htc and others had first developed the iPhone‘s most popular functions.

Samsung is expecting to confirm the legal courts that Apple company did not create the look and feel of current mobile phones and pills and should have no right to prevent the sales of organizations that have rectangle-shaped gadgets with cup displays.
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