Review : Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro

Sony’s Xperia Small Pro is the ideal cellular cellphone for those who wish a small yet feature-rich cellular cellphone. The Xperia Small Pro is the heir to the Xperia X10 Small Pro cellular cellphone, which also functions a slide-out key pad. So what exactly is new in this phone? Let us see.

Unboxing :

After unboxing I discovered myself with -

  • Xperia Small Pro
  • USB cable/Charger
  • Instructions
  • Show Guard
  • In ear Earphones
  • Another backpanel
  • 2 GB microSD card
  • Battery
I really just didn't have much issue with the unboxing part and the free screen secure is not one of inexpensive excellent. Another fact that found my eye was that battery power charger is just a connect with a extractible USB wire linked with it, which means less cables for one to bring around.

Design/Construction :

The cellular cellphone has one components house choice and two capacitive buttons- Back and Selection  - which have haptics and are backlit. I shall confess that the cellular cellphone does look at bit “chubby” and is certainly not mild due to the fall out QWERTY key pad. The Amount musician and the shutter key are existing at the right side of the cellular cellphone on a steel remove. The top of the cellular cellphone has the micro-USB slot, the audio slot and the power choice. It’s really aggravating to start the micro-USB flap protect and it needs lengthy claws to pry it start.
The QWERTY key pad is the significant function of this cellular cellphone and it’s not at all frustrating. They important factors are all backlit and it’s developed to provide a excellent hold for the individual. The important factors are well spread and are really relaxed to use if one has normal-sized hands. And when the individual glides out the laptop key pad the screen direction changes instantly. Finally the moving procedure works absolutely, is quick and there is no need to fear about it coming apart during regular use.

The Xperia Small Pro comes with a 3-inch screen with a presentation excellent of 320x480 p which has a the begining proof cup. The display is operated by something known as the Bravia Mobile Website which gives the individual a better and better encounter when watching pictures and movie clips. This function can also be impaired. The top sides of the screen have the vicinity and mild receptors which perform absolutely and the additional photographic camera has a far better positioning than the Neo V, which seriously I discovered to be like a massive eye.

Interface :

Xperia Small Pro has a personalized UI with launcher just like the one in Xperia Arc. And it certainly does manage to make an impression on the ones who look for eye sweets. The animated graphics and changes are magnificently done. There are four folder-like an eye where one can place strategies to applications.

There is no Mediascape program but there is Timescape which I am not pleased with as I discovered it to be a bit cart and messy. The Timescape gadget reveals twitter content, information, skipped calling and Facebook or myspace content. But when you try to simply click on a publish it reveals up the post/tweet in the web browser rather than just displaying it absolutely. The cellular cellphone goes into an review function when you touch zoom capability it. You will be handled to sailing icons and that looks really nice. Connections are fairly nice and organized and you will be able to see your contact’s Facebook or myspace pictures and passions. Also you can make a quick way to a contact and put on your desltop. There is no sensible dialing software so I recommend you give Go Connections a taken.

Messaging app is easy and Panasonic Ericsson just didn't do much to the texting program and everything is more or less conventional Operating system with some slight UI changes. I really would have liked it if there was some way to blacklist figures without setting up third celebration applications.

Gallery :

Gallery has some fairly awesome animated graphics, like when you touch zoom capability on it. Also one can look through his/her Facebook or myspace collections, images and Picassa collections in the collection. Another nice function is the Facebook or myspace incorporation thanks to which you can like and thoughts on the pictures from your collection.

Camera/Video Producing :

The cellular cellphone has a 5 mp photographic camera which is able of recording movie clips at 720p excellent. The photographic camera app is fairly primary and easy to use and only has the conventional alternatives and thanks to the shutter choice on the cellular cellphone the encounter is good. Overall excellent for the pictures is good/average, although I discovered the ones taken in low mild circumstances to be horrible. Here are some analyze injections.

Media :

The ipod is straightforward to use with primary functions. It has an equalizer and Panasonic Ericsson’s so known as Infinity choice. The infinty choice is generally a awesome name for a really common feature; it just queries the artist’s name in YouTube and Wikipedia. The audio excellent is sufficient and the given earphones are of regular excellent, but individually I did have a bit of problems making it stay in my hearing as it kept falling out.

As for the air stations it needs a couple of headphones/earphones to perform. As regular the user interface is just primary. You can use TrackID and find the existing enjoying songs which is fairly awesome.

Performance and Standards :

Xperia Small Pro comes with 1GHz Scorpion brand, Adreno 205 GPU and Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon. I observed that the cellular cellphone could manage most of the projects or applications absolutely although multi-tasking sometimes did make it lag a bit but at this cost variety it functions well. Here are the screenshots of the Standards done using LinPack, Quadrant and AnTuTu.

Verdict :

The Xperia Small Pro is a fantastic cellular cellphone to have especially for its lightweight and QWERTY key pad. It has got the looks and a lot of functions. In short it has *almost* everything an Xperia Arc has loaded into a small cellular cellphone. It’s a lot especially since it has QWERTY, HD movie clips, a quick 1Ghz brand and UI. And as I described previously this is a really sensible purchase choice. But if you want to try out the visual extreme movie games like Shadowgun, Road etc. then this is a bad choice as some of it clip games are not reinforced due to the low excellent .
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