Apple Patches CPU Power Consumption Bug In 2012 MacBooks

Apple has launched an upgrade that information CPU-related energy intake problems with MacBook Air and MacBook Pro designs launched in May, such as the 15-inch Retina show design. Details are sleek on the 76.64MB upgrade, but CNET reviews that it contains new editions of the I/O kernel plug-ins and frameworks, the Connect application, and distributed sources such as pc images, user symbols and system appears to be. The spot also increases interface with certain USB gadgets disrupting Wi-Fi alerts and resulting in other problems.

Unaddressed by modern upgrade is an sound problem that occurs when a 2012 MacBook is linked with an exterior show via Thunderbolt. A line on Apple's discussion board was created nearly a month ago and has gathered over 100 feedback with various relevant problems. Customers observe that the MacBook's incorporated sound speakers work fine, but they grumble of sporadic fixed and crackling from the sound speakers in Apple's Thunderbolt Display.

Most of the problems include the 11 and 13-inch MacBook Air, though at least one person statements to have the problem with the Retina-equipped MacBook Pro. An actual cause continues to be mysterious, but some folks believe that the adaptor linking Apple's new MagSafe 2 energy plug to the Thunderbolt Display's cable may be at mistake. Others observe that changing between sound results, reattaching all relationships and/or reigniting the problem program works as a short-term workaround, but nobody has found a lasting solution.
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